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SG-W:/ Political Action

     To Tom Robertson
            Please use your authority as moderator to develop a plan to influence political action. My plan would be to write a document similar to the following, have many people sign it, and get it into the Dean organization. I plan to write a part 2 that deals with Sustainable technology methods, and a part 3 that deals with political methods. The insert puts the message on a single page. Of course other people will want to modify or rewrite what I have written. Please please do something. Posts are completely off subject and are going nowhere.
                        Kermit Schlansker
                   The Energy Manifesto Part 1
          We believe that the life span of mankind is limited by the amount of natural resources that are available to them. These resources include natural gas, oil, coal, topsoil, water, metals and many other things. The greatest immediate threat is the depletion of gas and oil reserves. We believe that this depletion will kill large numbers of people all across the Earth and will cause dire conditions in the US. Depletion rate is measured by the number of people times the usage rate of each person.  Therefore it is obvious that allowing population to increase will lead to a die off later. In the US the consumption rate of resources caused by waste has risen to ridiculously high levels that amount to national suicide.
          We believe that both US and world wide sources of oil will be mostly gone in 30 years.  Imports available to us will be quickly diminished by hoarding and self usage by exporting nations. Populous countries like India and China that have enhanced industrial bases and low labor costs will be able to outbid us for the available oil.  Our inventiveness and manufacturing capability are disappearing under the weight of the bureaucratic society.
           Natural gas is in short supply. Old wells are depleting fast. Some of the new wells deplete to the 50% point within a year so constant drilling is necessary even to keep up. Presently we are exporting some gas to Mexico so they are not a source for us. We get about 15% of our gas from Canada but their gas supplies are also failing, so that won't last. There are plans to import more gas as LNG and as gas converted to liquids. However unlike oil, gas has a very low density and therefore our ability to send it through pipelines or to import it by ship is severely limited. Conversion to liquids avoids the capacity limitation but such a system requires very huge and risky investments on foreign land.  Although many strategies are being considered, all of them together will not support our reckless waste. The making of nitrogen fertilizer and other chemicals from natural gas is more important than heating large homes. However many industries have laid off workers due to high gas prices, and plan to move overseas where gas is more plentiful. The American worker continues to suffer.
           Energy shortages and  Global Warming are threats to all mankind. The remedy for Warming is exactly the same as that of running out of energy. We must conserve fossil fuels.
           An infant born today could live another 90 years. Yet because of waste, this nation will be poverty stricken or worse within 30 years. There is a tremendous conflict going on between the uncaring nature of this generation and the needs of their own children. As a nation we are intentionally ignoring the energy problem and the tribulations of our offspring. It would make everyone uncomfortable even to bring up the subject in polite conversation. This indicates that we subconsciously know about our degenerate morals but choose to ignore the subject.
          Many of the remedies that would allow our society to exist for another 200 years are well known and time tested. An apartment building, train, and streetcar society can exist and be comfortable on far less energy than a house and car society. With assistance from invention, manufacturing, improved farming, and technology we can easily create a society that could be comfortable for 200 years or even longer.
          The biggest wasters align themselves with religious groups. Yet, Christ overturned the moneychanger's tables in the temple.  Christ said that it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible talks about saving grain during seven fat years for seven lean years. Greed is a deadly sin yet religious people are totally materialistic. The Golden Rule states that we should do unto others, as we would want them to do unto us. This universal ethic is violated every day in that our greed is ruining the future lives of our own children. We must follow our ethics and build a sustainable society.
                            Kermit Schlansker PE

Manifesto Part 1.doc