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Re: SG-W:/ Political Action

Hello Susan,

        No I don't know Tom Princen but might try to contact him because
tree planting is one of the primary needs of sustainability. I am trying to
write a book myself. However I am also trying to convert city council, unite
students, write essays, cause political action, and design a home energy
system. Obviously not much is getting done except possibly the essays. They
are the easiest.
        What astounds me that people do not comprehend the imminence and
terrible threat of  gas and oil depletion. They are making no efforts to
protect their own children.

                   Kermit Schlansker
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> Kermit
> I've been reading your posts with interest.  I'm curious if you know Tom
> Princen, in the Natural Resources department at the U.  He's currently
> writing a book on "sufficiency."  Sue Miller

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