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Smartgrowth-washtenaw list members:

Last evening I got an e-mail, purporting to be from smartgrowth-washtenaw-archive@glc.org , that apparently had a virus-infected file as an attachment.

I send this e-mail to the list because others may have received a similar e-mail, and may not have current anti-virus software.

The attached file was an ".exe" file, i.e., one which goes into action when it's downloaded, and apparently installs a virus.

The e-mail's subject line was: "Hi"

The complete text of the e-mail was:

"Test =)
Test, yep."

The important part is that there was an attached file, called "phwcqy.exe" and that file is an ".exe" file which is very dangerous to download. I believe it's the case that your computer usually can't get infected by opening an e-mail, but only by downloading something.

Usually I know better, but in a moment of inattention I stupidly downloaded this file (on my other computer), and now have a virus called something like "Beagle32".

It is at least largely under control by my Norton Antivirus (which I am very happy I've kept updated!) and apparently not doing damage, although I haven't yet gotten rid of it.

Good luck, all.