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         It has beern hard for me to answer individual comments because I am
laboring under the weight of trying to write a book, write essays, campaign
locally, and design a home energy system. I wish to apologize for unanswered
         This question of the apartment house keeps popping up again and
again even though the truth was established a long time ago. Apartment
houses save energy because on a unit basis they much easier to heat. In a
large building the ratio of volume to surface area, that controls heating
energy, may be 4 times that of a house. In addition to that, clusters of
apartment houses enable manufacturing and farming without commuting. This
saves a bundle of energy.
        Countries all over the world are using less energy than we do and
the primary reason for that is that most of the people  live in apartments.
The Europe of 60 years ago got by on far less energy than we do. Their
streets are lined with 4 story apartment buildings. Even today Europe uses
about half the energy per capita that we are and everyone is comfortable.
The desire to keep warm will push society to apartments.
          I believe that sustainable communities are very important in
saving energy. However present models suffer from the fact that they are
deliberately picking milder climates or are relying on excessive consumption
of wood. Wood is exhaustable and therefore must be used in the most thrifty
manner possible. Sustainable communities are also incomplete because they
incorporate no factories in their design. Both farms and factories are
essential to survivable communities. They must appeal to average people as
well as "special" people. The apartment house is the only way to save energy
while being comfortable.

                                 Kermit Schlansker
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> Kermit!  The apartments!  I'm still not understanding.  Single family
> housing, complete with solar or wind or individual hydro, etc., (the
excess of which
> can be fed into a common line -- for those apartments) is far more energy
> efficient.
> You're right, we cannot rely on fossil fuels.  But we also need to get off
> the idea of big, industrial plants doling out our power.  We need to make
> own, by alternative means, and pool the surplus, like a reverse grid.
This is
> how communities will survive.
> You're also right about greed.
> des@sustainableliving.biz

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