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SG-W:/ Candidates and elections on this list

The executive committee for this email list has made the decision that, in
the interest of promoting discussion, exchange of ideas, and furthering
the idea of better land use planning and management in Washtenaw County,
that candidates for the 2004 elections (and their advocates) can and are
encouraged to post on this listserv.

We hope that many "smart growth" candidates will run at all levels of
government and will share their ideas on this email list.  We ask that
they keep their campaigning and advocacy on target...that is relating to
sprawl and smart growth issues.

We ask that all discussions of candidates and their positions remain civil
and factual.  There will be a zero tolerance policy for any personal
attacks on candidates or those advocating for candidates.

There are a number of filing deadlines coming up in the next few months
and I hope many will consider running for office.

If you have any questions, please email me, the administrator of the list,
at jeffsurfus@comcast.net


Jeff Surfus

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