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Re: SG-W:/ Ann Arbor Cool Cities Follow-up

I have a similar reaction to Steve's on this.  The concept of a creative
"class" is disturbing in itself.

IMO, people of all ages whose topmost priorities are highly creative in
any nontraditional sense are increasingly unable to afford to live in Ann
Arbor-- but that applies to young people in general, too.

Because of the presence of the University Ann Arbor
already has a high level of youthful presence and energy, even if most of
the students are only temporary residents.
But more to the point I would like to see us think less in
terms of such categories, or attempts to control demographics, and more
in terms of real creativity: individuals of all ages in a community
creating from the ground up.  Really creative communities have a life of
their own and people are attracted to them naturally-- it's not
controllable by government or as a strategy on paper.  But the trend now
seems to be to to fear and distrust this kind of vitality because it's
perceived as disorderly and dangerous.

How about a "warm city" instead of a "cool" one?  Warm and inclusive of
the creativity of all kinds of people of all ages, and both grounded and
spiritual in its relationship with nature.

I won't be able to attend either-- (I will be meeting with a terribly
cool group of highly creative writers and dancers, age nine to fifty, who
can barely afford to live in Ann Arbor, but do attract a number of
out-of-towners to help support local studios and restaurants.)


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