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Re: SG-W:/ Ann Arbor Cool Cities Follow-up

Thanks for the background, Andrew, and also to Murph for your feedback.

My primary concern is that "cool city" goals will override "sustainable 
community" goals. They're not nearly the same thing. Getting wrapped up 
in the governor's or whomever's framework seems unnecessarily limiting 
(as the promo piece demonstrated, I think), to say the least.

Nor does "quality of life" equate with sustainability. Moving toward 
sustainability relies largely on the dissemination of information. And 
then not about what's currently available in our community, but much 
moreso about how our community *must* change and how we'd like to go 
about that change. This isn't quite an "if you build it, they will come" 
scenario. I think we have to build it. Then, whether they come (or stay) 
or not is up to them. Those of us already committed to the community 
(home and business owners) deserve the support and leadership of our 
city and county governments and a focus on the necessary over the 

Keeping young, creative people here to help plan for and participate in 
that change may be helpful, but not if it results in a delay in that 
change due to focusing on "cool cities" priorities first or because the 
"cool cities" changes result in a less-sustainable starting point.

Given that we already have a high relative quality of life (most of us, 
that is), it will be interesting to see what the task force determines 
it is that we're currently doing "wrong" with regard to losing younger 

Has a study been done for SE Michigan or the entire state to determine 
where they're going and why? I looked at the task force blog page and 
some of the links, but couldn't find much info.


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