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SG-W:/ Child Abusers

  To the editor,
         This is a subject that is of total importance to our unsuspecting children. I have not had a viewpoint in for 2or 3 years. Because of the importance of the subject material I beg you to print my message. 
                Thank you, Kermit Schlansker           
                        Save Our Children
      As I grow older while surveying the news and other aspects of society there is a feeling of despair over the greed and stupidity of the general population. This society will fall apart as natural gas and oil become more and more unavailable. Unless something is done, there will be an uncontrolled descent into poverty and finally into desperation. All branches of government, the news outlets, and the people are shunning this most severe of problems. We are ignoring the rights of our children to a comfortable life style and are sending them into a maelstrom from which they can't emerge.
      Presently we are getting about 40% of our oil from our own wells. This oil production will gradually fall off and will be essentially gone in 20 to 30 years. The availability of foreign oil will drop off quickly because of depletion and huge demand. Many countries now exporting will become importers within 10 years. At our affluence level we simply can't compete with other countries that are willing to produce necessary products while working for less. The dollar is getting weaker and that will reduce our ability to import oil. Thoughts that Saudi Arabia will support us are ridiculous in view of world demand.
       We are importing about 15% of our natural gas from Canada and they are running low. There is little hope of getting gas from Mexico. The throughput of pipelines from Alaska and ships importing liquefied gas can never be great enough to support demand as wells deplete. Many gas wells are down to half capacity within a year so the game is to drill and drill. New gas discoveries are down far enough that we can be sure that production will fall of within a short time. Remember, a child born today could be around for 100 years and that time is far beyond the age of gas and oil. At present extraction rates we have more coal deposits but if we produce more coal then the resource would quickly be depleted. There are differences of opinion as to how many fossil resources are left but the arguments really boil down to a few years difference. Metals have soared in price recently and we can't build anything without them. Hydrogen is a cruel hoax.
      Unless we act now there will be total unemployment and economic breakdown. There is a big time, energy, manpower, raw materials, and money deficit in getting the things we need built. It takes energy to build windmills, solar energy installations, apartment houses, trains, cogeneration machines, and all the other machines and facilities we need to save our children. If we wait too long then they can never recover.
      We must convert our population into manufacturers and farmers in order to produce the things we need and the products we export in order to get raw materials. We must stop building new houses and convert to large buildings that cluster populations thus giving more farm land, reduced heating requirements, and reduced transportation requirements. We must foster a very practical research into how we can reduce energy usage while staying comfortable. There are many machines that need to be built. We must stop our incessant driving and build more public transportation.
      In the meantime our glorious leaders are arguing about such things as gas taxes. We desperately need higher taxes in order to start new manufacturing businesses. There is no morality anywhere in this country. We are a nation of child abusers.
     Please get involved in this struggle. We need to get rid of single family zoning and put a large multi-purpose building into every square mile of the city. We could form cooperatives that by virtue of a large purchase could cause a fuel efficient car to be produced. A group of people could lobby in order to get the city, university, and county to sponsor an essential housing and research project.
                               Kermit Schlansker