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SG-W:/ New Film "Barn Red" - A story about farmland loss in Michigan

Academy AwardŽ winner Ernest Borgnine (Marty, The Poseidon Adventure) stars
in a film coming to Novi's Emagine Theater on Thursday, May 13 at 7:30 pm.

Barn Red tells the story of an aging cherry farmer, Michael Bolini
(Borgnine), who is hounded by real estate developers who want to convert the
farm to subdivisions. Inheritance taxes on the land may force Bolini to

Barn Red was written and directed by Rich Brauer of Traverse City. Brauer
says that the idea for Barn Red was inspired by the contrast in ways that
people manage land. "Some choose stewardship, others choose exploitation. If
we were all rich it would be easy to choose stewardship. But what happens if
you want to be a good steward but don't have a lot of money?"

Brauer will attend the May 13th screening, a fundraiser for the East
Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC). EMEAC is a non-profit
organization that has been working since 1970 to restore and protect the
quality of southeast Michigan's land, air and water resources.

A reception will follow the film. Ticket price for the film and reception
will be $10.00 per person. Proceeds from ticket sales go to EMEAC.

To purchase tickets, contact EMEAC at emeac@aol.com or call 248.258.5188. Or
purchase at the door, assuming seats are still available.

For more information, please visit the EMEAC web site at www.emeac.org, or
call (248) 258-5188.