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Re: SG-W:/ Ann Arbor "avoids" population drop

As I noted, I only saw the headline. I thought the word "avoids" was 
something other than a factual term. The headline had gotten me thinking 
about how some people and groups (like the Washtenaw Development 
Council) want more people to come live here (AA and Washtenaw.) You make 
a good point about the city's population relative to the surrounding 


> I don't think it's necessarily "slanted" to say "this happened to most 
> cities in the state but not Ann Arbor"--in a situation where something 
> is strongly expected to happen, and doesn't, I think that "avoided" is 
> a reasonably descriptive (rather than editorial) term.
> Meanwhile, look at the whole picture--cities shrank while townships 
> grew.  If you're bashing the A2News' slant, is it safe to assume that 
> you approve of the trend and wish Ann Arbor would take part in it?  
> Personally, I find it pretty tragic, from a smart growth point of 
> view.  "Smart Growth" prescribes growth in established cities and 
> preservation of undeveloped areas; we should be wondering why Ann 
> Arbor grew so little, not criticizing the Ann Arbor News for remarking 
> on its basic stasis.
> -Murph.
> On Jun 25, 2004, at 4:06 PM, Steve Bean wrote:
>> Did anyone see yesterday's front-page story on this? I just saw the 
>> headline. I'm planning on reading the story when I get a chance. I'm 
>> wondering why they (the editors/publishers) consider a decrease in 
>> population as a bad thing (good to avoid.) Seems like a slanted 
>> perspective to put anywhere but the opinion page.
>> Steve
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