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SG-W:/ Ann Arbor Parks Public Meetings 5/11, 5/17, 5/23

Ann Arbor residents and users of the City's parks! Please tell us what you want the City to do with your parks for the next few years. The parks maintenance and capital millages are expiring this year. Do you want to renew them? What do you want the City to do with the money if they are?

Even if you like the parks the way they are please let City staff and PAC know that!

If you can't make one meetings on 5/11,  5/17, or 5/23 please email your comments to the Parks Advisory Commission and City staff at parks&rec@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us and Please forward.

Brigit Macomber

You're Invited to Attend

Park Advisory Commission

Community Conversations

With two parks millages expiring on June 30, 2007, four funding options for parks and recreation will be presented.  

Public Meetings Dates
Cobblestone Farm Barn, Upper Level
2781 Packard Road
You are invited to attend a community conversation to discuss future parks and recreation funding when two park millages expire on June 30, 2007. With the two park millages expiring, Park Advisory Commissioners and City staff would like to receive community input on several funding options. These options were developed as a result of public input collected via e-mail and during 13 public and focus group meetings held throughout March. Members of the community are encouraged to provide feedback on four funding options that will be presented at public meetings. These funding options are designed to address the future operational needs of the City's parks and recreation system. 

Millage Facts
In November 2000, the Park Rehabilitation and Development Millage was approved by Ann Arbor voters. The six-year tax millage of .4725 mils (reduced by the required millage reduction to .4701 mils) funded the City's park and recreation capital improvement programs from July 2001 through June 2007. The capital improvements focused on four park and recreation service areas (recreation facility rehabilitation and improvements; city-wide neighborhood park rehabilitation and improvements; active park improvements including bicycle facilities, pathways, and trail linkages; and natural parks and historic preservation).

In November 2002, residents of Ann Arbor also approved a four-year millage of .4725 mils (reduced by the required millage reduction to .4632 mil) for park repair and restoration for natural area preservation, forestry and horticulture in parks, and non-routine repair and restoration activities for the park system infrastructure.

Visit www.a2gov.org to view Park Millage facts, public meeting questions, compiled comments and Community Television Network replay times. The four funding options being presented at the public meetings will be posted on the City's website on Friday, May 12.  Visitors also can view the Parks Maintenance Task Force Report and the Open Space Research Project.

If you are not able to attend one of the May public meetings, please submit your comments via e-mail to parks&rec@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us