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SG-W:/ Upcoming Sierra Club programs in Ann Arbor

Below are the Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group's upcoming programs in Ann Arbor.

Our programs begin at 7:30 pm at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, just east of Ann Arbor at 1800 N. Dixboro Road (between Geddes and Plymouth Roads).  They're free and open to the public.  All are welcome, no membership is required.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested.

Doug Cowherd
Chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group

Sierra Club Programs

August 15            Hunters of the Sky:  Up Close and Personal With Live Hawks, Falcons and Owls
                                     Francie Krawcke, Leslie Science Center
September 19     Exploring Our Local 'Big Wild':  Five Unknown Hikes in the State Recreation Areas
                                     Barry Lonik, Treemore Ecology and Land Services

October 17          Michigan Wolves:  Past, Present, and Future*
                                     Dorothy McLeer,
Environmental Interpretive Center, UM-Dearborn

November 21      Journey to the Western Arctic Reserve*
                                     Beverly Strassman, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan

December 19      Great Adventure Trips From Around the Globe

January 16 - '07   Mountain Top Removal:  The Hidden Destruction of the Appalachian Mountains*
                                     Dave Cooper, Mountain Top Removal Road Show


Note:  Asterisks denote programs which do not yet have final titles; the topic area is shown.