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  Daily News: July 23, 2014
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What's New on GLIN
NOAA's Working Waterfront
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently initiated a project called "Voices from the Working Waterfront," which will record oral histories about efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of these unique and often historic maritime communities.


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New bridge over St. Lawrence River announced
Net News Ledger (7/22)
The Government of Canada today invited Signature on the St. Lawrence Group, Saint-Laurent Alliance (SLA) and St. Lawrence New Bridge Partnership to participate in a Request for Proposals (RFP), a major milestone for the new bridge for the St. Lawrence corridor project.

Proposed ferry service would link Buffalo’s Canalside to outer harbor
The Buffalo News (7/22)
A ferry service linking Canalside to the outer harbor could begin by next summer. The ferry would carry between 50 to 100 people on trips between Canalside’s Central Wharf and the outer harbor.

COMMENTARY: The unlikely hero: Could belugas save the Great Lakes?
The Huffington Post (7/22)
Believe it or not, belugas are not only part of our Great Lakes system, but they might just help save our Great Lakes.

Research finds no improvement in mercury levels in northern Wisconsin lakes
Price County Daily (7/22)
An update to a map with fish mercury advisories in the Ceded Territories of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota shows that not much has changed.

COMMENTARY: Business and water policy: A troubling brew
Great Lakes Echo (7/22)
On Wall Street when you’ve got a hot stock everyone wants a piece of the action. Does the same mentality apply to water and the Great Lakes?

COMMENTARY - Success for Cleveland's new lakefront pedestrian bridge requires high-speed design excellence
Cleveland (7/22)
It was big news for city planning and urban design in Cleveland last week that Cuyahoga County launched the search for a team to design the long-desired pedestrian bridge that would link the downtown Mall to North Coast Harbor.

Old Port swimmers push for more access to St. Lawrence River
CTV News Montreal (7/22)
Montreal’s splashiest political display took place Tuesday morning as several dozens of swimmers leaped and dived into the St. Lawrence River of the Jacques Cartier Pier in the Old Port as a means to promote river access.

The rivers that run through it: A basin of toxins
The Windsor Star (7/22)
Lake Erie bears the brunt of the region’s phosphorus overload, but the problem isn’t isolated to a specific lake or a single cause. Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River experience algal blooms to an extent as well, and the culprits include industries, farms and sewage coming from Windsor-Essex County and the rivers that run through it.

Nolan meets with Army Corps Of Engineers, Port Authority officials
Duluth News Tribune (7/21)
The future of Lake Superior and its adjoining ports is a little less murky today than it was a few months ago. That was the message delivered Monday by Rep. Rick Nolan

Severstal steel plant sale comes amid pollution worries, lawsuit
Detroit Free Press (7/21)
The steel company Henry Ford launched as an anchor of the historic Rouge complex, will return to American ownership two months after the Russian owner won a revised state permit to release higher levels of certain pollutants into the air.

How many Great Lakes have you dipped a toe in?
MLive (7/21)
Michiganders love to boast they live in the Great Lakes State, but how many of you have actually visited one lately?

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