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  Daily News: July 29, 2014
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Love Lake Michigan
Have you visited GLIN's July Site of the Month yet? The honor goes to Love Lake Michigan, created by the Lake Michigan Forum. Love Lake Michigan aims to increase awareness of the value of Lake Michigan and catalyze action to protect it through education, engagement and citizen empowerment. Visit today and sign the pledge to Love Lake Michigan!


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In the News
Formidable invasive species won't be easy to keep out of Great Lakes (Part 2 of 4)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/28)
Ballast water, used to steady less-than-full ships on the high seas, has been blamed for moving all manner of species around the globe -- including into the Great Lakes. Is there a better way to keep invasive species out of the lakes?

How invasive species changed the Great Lakes forever (Part 1 of 4)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/27)
June 1, 1988 was the day everything changed for the Great Lakes. It was the day researchers from the University of Windsor first discovered zebra mussels in the bottom of Lake St. Clair.

Up to $4.5M in grants available to improve Great Lakes water
WBNS-10TV - Columbus, OH (7/27)
Grants totaling up to $4.5 million to improve Great Lakes water quality are available to cities on the lakes' shorelines.

Steam ferry connects two states across Lake Michigan
The Columbus Dispatch (7/27)
A cursory glance at a road map suggests that a traveler who persists in driving west on U.S. 10 from Ludington, Mich. will get very, very wet. But there is a treat in store for travelers who are interested in exploring a piece of floating history, or just in cutting hours off the drive around Lake Michigan to Wisconsin.

Lake Erie seeks submissions for photo contest
The Penn News (7/27)
Great Lake enthusiasts who want to capture the essence of Lake Erie life digitally — or on film — can enter the Ohio Lake Erie Commission 2014 Life on Lake Erie photo contest.

Seaway carrying 50 locomotives from Lake Erie through Massena bound for Africa
North Country Now (7/27)
The Eisenhower and Snell Locks at Massena, N.Y. are part of the plan for moving 50 General Electric railroad locomotives from a Lake Erie terminal through the Seaway to their destination of Mozambique in West Africa.

Teen intends to finish Lake Erie fundraising marathon swim
The Toronto Star (7/27)
A 16-year-old girl who ended a swim across Lake Erie earlier than planned said she intends to finish the swim later this summer.

Lake Michigan seeing influx of drum activity
The Post-Tribune (7/26)
Freshwater drum are coming on strong in southern Lake Michigan. Illinois Lake Michigan program head Vic Santucci said creel surveys showed the catch nearly doubled in Illinois to 6,000 drum in 2013.

Lake Huron fishery recovers, but anglers skeptical
The Associated Press (7/26)
More than a decade after its prized chinook salmon crashed, Lake Huron is fertile fishing territory once more, with fast-growing populations of native species such as walleye and lake trout, biologists say.

State of Ohio issues first toxic algae warning along Lake Erie this summer
The Columbus Dispatch (7/26)
Orange signs warning of toxic algae went up along Lake Erie on Thursday — the first of the summer.

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