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  Great Lakes Videos: Archive
Overview | Great Lakes Video Archive
Check here for recent video coverage of Great Lakes issues by print, radio and television media outlets in the United States and Canada. You'll also find quick links to a large collection of the region's media sources, organized by state/province and city. The Great Lakes Videos section is updated weekly by the GLIN Project Team at the Great Lakes Commission. You are welcome to submit Great Lakes-related videos by local, state/provincial or national media.

Note: You may notice broken links on some of the video headlines. Many media sources (e.g., Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, etc) keep complete archives of all their content. So even if a story is months old, these links should still work. Others, however, like the Toronto Globe and Mail and the New York Times, only archive their content for one week or require a fee to retrieve archived content. So, unfortunately, many of these links in the GLIN archive become broken/irretrievable after a day, week or month.

DTE Energy dive team measure our impact on the environment
WJBK-TV - Detroit, MI (10/22)
One activity DTE divers perform is monitoring the native mussel population in western Lake Erie.
Neighbors say Lake Erie cribs light needs repair
Fox 66 - Erie, PA (10/21)
Neighbors near the old Sunoco Cribs on Lake Erie say the light on the cribs is burned out and poses a danger to boaters.
Experts desperate to keep flying carp out of Great Lakes
NBC Nightly News (10/17)
Reproducing by the millions and eating many of the native species, there are more flying carp in the Illinois River than anywhere else in the world.
Robert Kennedy Jr. in Milwaukee to talk about water quality
WISN-TV - Milwaukee, WI (10/16)
Robert Kennedy Jr. says the water quality in Milwaukee, Wis., is a problem. He visited this week to discuss the water challenges faced by the city.
Invasive species experts say recent jellyfish sighting is not a rare occurrence in Wisconsin lakes
WKOW-TV - Madison, WI (10/15)
Video of a recent jellyfish sighting at Spencer Lake in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, has many curious about this invasive creature.
What one Illinois plant is doing about the Asian Carp invasion may surprise you
WGN-TV - Chicago, IL (10/14)
Illinois is getting more help from the private sector in battling the still out-of-control invasion of Asian carp in state waterways. A new plant near St. Louis aims to get rid of the fish faster, and is churning out products people want.
Volunteers work to save Great Lakes wetlands
WISN-TV - Milwaukee, WI (10/14)
Volunteers in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, are working hard to plant native plants in order to help save southeast Wisconsin wetlands.
St. Peter shipwreck in Lake Ontario
Tyler Baldino (10/12)
The St. Peter sank during a violent storm on Oct. 27, 1898. It was carrying coal from Oswego, N.Y., to Toledo, Ohio, when it was struck with winds of 70 miles per hour.
7 Minutes with Russ Mitchell: Kirsten Ellenbogen
WKYC-TV - Cleveland, OH (10/11)
A visit to the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and this fall's new exhibits.
Local steelhead's acrobatic leaps
GoErie (10/9)
Lake Erie's tributary streams, both big and small, receive an annual run of migratory rainbow trout called "steelhead."
Lake Michigan water level still rising
WZZM-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (10/9)
Lake Michigan's water level is doing something very rare for this time of the year: still very slowly going up.
Muskegon Lake getting more attention from NOAA
WZZM 13-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (10/9)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is planning to spend more time and effort making Muskegon Lake, Mich., a better place for animals and people.
Great Lakes lighthouse festival
WBKB-TV - Alpena, MI (10/8)
The weekend of Oct. 10 marks the 19th annual Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in Alpena, Mich.
GM Renaissance Center is landfill free and composting
WJBK-TV - Detroit, MI (10/8)
In Detroit, Mich., the Renaissance Center complex is landfill-free, composting, and making use of a rooftop garden to grow vegetables.
Reporter tours some Michigan lighthouses
WDIV-TV - Detroit, MI (10/7)
Dotting Michigan's shoreline are many unique lighthouses, and taking a tour of some of these historic structures is a fun way to learn more about the history of the Great Lakes.
Questing is a great way to discover the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
ABC5-TV - Cleveland, OH (10/3)
If you are interested in an exciting adventure in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio, I suggest you sign up to go questing.
Students studying contaminated creek
WIVB - Buffalo, NY (10/7)
Dozens of students in Niagara County are determined to see what’s in the water of Eighteenmile Creek.
Mysterious waterfalls - where does the water go?
NBC News (10/2)
The Devil's Kettle Waterfalls, along Minnesota's North shore on Lake Superior, has kept folks baffled as to where all the water goes. The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes reports.
Commission seeks to slash phosporus flowing into Lake Erie
Associated Press (10/2)
The toxins that contaminated the drinking water supply of 400,000 people in Ohio didn't just suddenly appear. Water plant operators along western Lake Erie have long been worried about this.
Flood-damaged trail reopens in Duluth
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (10/1)
The record-breaking flooding of 2012 damaged many of Duluth's creeks and trails, including the Miller Creek Interpretive Trail on the Lake Superior College campus that was reopened this week.
High water levels on Lake Michigan bring potential danger this fall
WSBT-TV - Michigan City, IN (10/1)
According to the National Weather Service, Lake Michigan's water level is higher than it's been in 15 years and, as a result, waves are more easily able to breach the pier during stormy conditions making them incredibly dangerous.
Underwater footage of steamer in Lake Ontario's western shore
Daniel Scoville (9/30)
The Nisbet Grammer sunk in May 1926 after colliding with another ship in the fog on Lake Ontario. The Nisbet Grammer was found in August 2014 by a team of shipwreck enthusiasts.
Team passionate about shipwrecks studying zebra mussels on Whaleback in Lake Superior
KBJR-TV - Duluth, MN (9/29)
A nonprofit with a passion for the preservation of historic Great Lakes shipwrecks took part in the latest installment of a five-year research project on Lake Superior.
Robotic fish to "stalk" live fish in the Great Lakes
WILX-TV - Lansing, MI (9/29)
Michigan State University will be using a $1M grant from the National Science Foundation to develop robotic fish technology for "stalking" fish of interest in the Great Lakes.
Preserving history one shipwreck at a time: S.S. Mataafa
Northlands News Center (9/25)
he Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society (GLSPS) has returned the rudder from the S.S. Mataafa to the bottom of Lake Superior, northeast of the Duluth Ship Canal in Minnesota.
Climate change studies focus on water
NBC 4 - Columbus, OH (9/25)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a new plan Wednesday to help Great Lakes waterways in an effort to reduce the growth of toxic blue-green algae blooms in Lake Erie and improve overall water quality.
The dirty truth: cosmetic microbeads contaminating Great Lakes.
Global News (9/23)
Researchers say tiny, plastic microbeads in beauty products are contaminating the Great Lakes.
Going Green: Local teacher studies problems in Lake Erie
WFFT - Fort Wayne, Ind. (9/23)
A local teacher from Huntington who along with other teachers and scientists, teamed up to study the problems plaguing the water in Lake Erie.
DNR works to improve Green Bay water quality
WBAY-TV - Green Bay, WI (9/16)
Oxygen-deprived, green water fills Wisconsin's Bay of Green Bay and the lower Fox River as an estimated $800 million project continues to rid the Fox River of PCB pollutants. Experts say the focus needs to shift to what is being done on land.
Underwater mystery solved: Crews make surprising discovery in Lake Erie
WJW-TV - Cleveland, OH (9/16)
Since its discovery in 1992, the wreckage of a schooner 20 miles north of Cleveland, Ohio, in Lake Erie has never been positively identified.
Mayor Collins asking city council to approve a no interest loan from the Ohio EPA
Toledo News Now (9/16)
The mayor of Toledo, Ohio, wants to spend $400 million on improvements to the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant. He's also asking city council to approve an application for a loan from the Ohio EPA's water supply revolving loan account.
Crude oil shipping on the Great Lakes
Detroit Public TV (9/16)
A recent workshop engaged the Great Lakes community regarding whether to allow increased oil shipping on the Great Lakes, and if allowed, how to protect our waters and our communities.
Valuing the Great Lakes
Detroit Public TV (9/16)
A recent presentation at the Great Lakes Restoration conference summarized approaches to valuing the Great Lakes, including the spatial distribution of recreational benefits, along with the economic impact for tourism sectors.
Keeping the Asian carp out of Lake Erie
WKYC-TV - Cleveland, OH (9/15)
A reporter was invited to Monroe, Mich., to see efforts by the Great Lakes Asian Carp Response Team to keep the invasive fish out of Lake Erie. Scientists believe the fish could devastate the lake's ecosystem and economic health.
Breakwater, pier currents can be dangerous
WOOD-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (9/11)
Most incidents in the Great Lakes where someone has drowned or needed to be rescued happen near a structure like a breakwater or pier, the National Weather Service says.
How does cool weather impact fall colors?
WLUK-TV - Green Bay, WI (9/11)
A few trees are already showing some fall color, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best colors will come earlier than normal this year.
How drones could limit fertilizer flow into Lake Erie
PBS NewsHour (9/9)
A toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie this summer left the city of Toledo, Ohio, without drinking water for three days. Now environmentalists and farmers are working to prevent future blooms by evaluating fertilizer use in hopes of cutting excess runoff.
Local officials announce Great Lakes Water Authority for Detroit
WXYZ-TV - Detroit, MI (9/9)
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and county executives L. Brooks Patterson, Robert Ficano and Mark Hackel have come to an agreement on a new water authority to serve southeastern Michigan.
Port of Green Bay excited about higher water levels
NBC 26 - Green Bay, WI (9/8)
A wet couple of weeks combined with a high volume of snow and rain over the winter and spring have helped raise water levels in Lake Michigan, and both the Bay and Port of Green Bay, Wis. are deeper, allowing ships to bring in more cargo with fewer trips.
Minnesota to Washington by canoe
Minnesota Public Radio (9/8)
For more than a year, Dave and Amy Freeman of Grand Marais, Minn., have been planning a canoe trip to Washington, D.C., as a way to call attention to — and protest — plans for copper mining in northeast Minnesota which they say threatens the wilderness.
Invasive Zooplankton in the Great Lakes
Michigan Technological University (9/8)
Professor Charles Kerfoot describes the spiny water flea, an invasive species, and how it's having such a large effect on the Great Lakes.
Revitalizing local waterfront economies: The Great Lakes Legacy Act
Illinois-Indiana and Wisconsin Sea Grant (9/7)
Discover the Great Lakes Legacy act program.
Great Lakes freighter stuck near Straits of Mackinac
WWUP-TV - Traverse City, MI (9/4)
A freighter is stuck in the Round Island passage off of Mackinac Island, Mich. It was carrying iron ore to Indiana when the strong winds pushed it to the channel's muddy, sandy bottom.
Ohio State scientists study runoff to stop toxic algae in the Great Lakes
PBS NewsHour (9/4)
How can the Great Lakes recover from agricultural runoff and toxic algae blooms? The EPA announced it will distribute $12 million to educate farmers and improve water quality in the Great Lakes region.
Columbus replica ships sail across Lake Michigan
WSBT-TV - Michigan City, IN (9/3)
The Pinta and the Nina tour together as a sailing museum. They are docked at the port authority Michigan City, Ind., and the public is invited to take a tour.
Great Lakes shipwrecks could soon be part of National Marine Sanctuary
WGBA-TV - Green Bay, WI (9/2)
Four Wisconsin cities are applying to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to have an 875-square-mile area along the Lake Michigan shore designated a National Marine Sanctuary.
Toxic gulls of Quebec
Environmental Health News (9/2)
Flame retardants are the 21st century’s PCBs, and Great Lakes birds still are the victims. These chemicals in the gulls of Deslauriers Island off Montreal are altering their hormones.
This guy gets all offended when you call him "algae"
Michigan Radio (8/28)
Just because we look like plant-scum growing in the water doesn't mean that's what we are.
University of Minnesota Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory makes a difference
Northland News Center (8/28)
For the past 20 years scientists at UMD’s Large Lakes Observatory have been making a difference as they work to understand how the world’s largest fresh water bodies function.
White Lake rising: Hell-raisers sounded early alarm, workers made later cleanup happen in Muskegon County, Mich.
MLive (8/27)
White Lake activists opposed Hooker Chemical's waste-disposal practices and formed a Public Advisory Council to cleanup the lake after it was listed as a Great Lakes Area of Concern in 1985.
A few minutes with ... a guy fishing by the river
Detroit Free Press (8/25)
Tony Abrego, 27, of Rochester Hills fishes the Detroit River at Riverside Park near the Ambassador Bridge a few times a week.
Residents get hands-on lesson about Maumee River conditions
WTVG 13 ABC - Toledo, OH (8/25)
The Lake Erie Waterkeeper group hosted a tour of the Maumee where participants got a full lesson about the connection between waterways and the negative ways phosphorus sources can feed the bloom.
USDA encouraging farmers to plant cover crops
NBC24 - Toledo, OH (8/25)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making $2 million available to Ohio farmers who agree to plant cover crops this fall.
Dragon Boat Festival wraps up successful weekend
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (8/23)
Nearly 100 teams were out on the water at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival in Superior, Wis.
Sen. Phil Pavlov leads outcry against nuclear waste dump
The Voice (8/23)
Sen. Phil Pavlov is asking each community that would be affected by this dump to pass a resolution rejecting its construction and he was at a recent Algonac, Mich., City Council meeting to ask for the council's support.
10 tons of contaminated soil removed from Buffalo River each minute
WIVB - Buffalo, NY (8/21)
All day and all night, a crane lifts about 10 tons of soil from the bottom of the Buffalo River, N.Y.
TSB's Lac-Megantic report
CBC News (8/19)
Transportation Safety Board finds 18 separate factors contributed to the rail disaster in Lac-Megantic, Quebec and calls for additional safety measures
Black Rock Lock: 100 years of connecting Lake Erie to Erie Canal
WGRZ-TV - Buffalo, NY (8/17)
The Black Rock Lock, which is the key connection between the Niagara River as it flows out of Lake Erie and into the old Erie Canal, is now 100 years old.
Cold lake temperatures increase business in Manistee, Mich.
WWTV-TV - Cadillac, MI (8/15)
Cold lake temperatures mean fewer people are taking a dip in the water, and more people are opening their wallets for other activities.
Muskegon Lake could be delisted as toxic hotspot by 2019
WZZM-TV - Muskegon, MI (8/15)
Muskegon Lake is on a restoration fast track and could be removed from a list of toxic hotspots on the Great Lakes by 2019.
U.S. Great Lakes freighters move highest monthly cargo tonnage in two years
Northlands News Center (8/13)
In July, U.S. Great Lakes freighters moved their highest monthly total of cargo in two years, over 11.36 million tons.
Fishing on the Detroit River
Detroit Public TV (8/13)
Fishing is a huge part of recreation and economy along the Great Lakes, but anglers need to make sure their catch is safe to eat.
Aquatic invasive species
Detroit Public TV (8/13)
Aquatic invasive species are an issue in the Great Lakes. Invasive species are considered by some experts to be a form of pollution that is harmful to our environment, economy and health.
Migratory bird stopovers in the Great Lakes
Detroit Public TV (8/13)
Birders and researchers discuss long-term migratory stopovers and nocturnal migrations in the Great Lakes.
Grand Valley State University researcher looks at climate change's affect on Great Lakes
WWMT-TV - Allendale, MI (8/12)
A Grand Valley State University researcher is taking a look at how climate change is directly impacting the Great Lakes.
Battle Creek woman to bicycle around Lake Michigan
WWMT-TV - Battle Creek, MI (8/11)
Two years ago, a Battle Creek, Mich., woman rowed the perimeter of Lake Michigan to raise money for breast cancer. Now, she's riding her bike around the lake.
Kayaker talks about experience being stranded overnight on Lake Erie
FOX 28 Columbus (8/7)
A kayaker shares his tale of survival after being stranded on Lake Erie for 19 hours.
Maumee River causing problems for Lake Erie
WTVG-13 - Toledo, OH (8/8)
It's what's in the Maumee River's water that's hurting Lake Erie and helping cause harmful algal blooms.
300 sailors race across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin
WZZM-13 - Muskegon, MI (8/8)
About 300 sailors from Michigan and Wisconsin competed in the annual Lake Michigan Clipper Cup Race.
Great Lakes Now Connect:The algae crisis
Detroit Public TV (8/7)
A recent algae bloom crisis in Lake Erie affected the surrounding areas’ water supply, prompting regional and national concern for our nation’s freshwater sources.
Are you concerned with the St. Clair River, and improving the environment?
Blue Water Television Network (8/4)
Symposium on St. Clair River to be held in September - Register Now!
A visit to Silver Lake lighthouse
Fox 17 - Grand Rapids, MI (8/5)
At Silver Lake State Park in Oceana County is one of the most easily accessible lighthouses to visit in West Michigan.
Fabulous views from the top of Big Sable Point lighthouse
Fox 17 - Grand Rapids, MI (8/5)
When you visit the lighthouse and climb 130 stairs to the top of the lighthouse on Big Sable Point, you'll be almost 100 feet above the beautiful West Michigan sand dunes and Lake Michigan, overlooking 3,000 acres below in Ludington State Park.
Environmentalist warns toxic algae bloom could happen in Lake Michigan
CBS - Chicago, IL (8/4)
As the toxic algae problem wanes in Toledo, a Chicago environmentalist says it could foreshadow the future of Lake Michigan, unless government gets to work.
Rare sight: Cruise ship makes stop in Cleveland, shows what city has to offer
Fox 8 - Cleveland, OH (8/4)
People in Cleveland, Ohio, are used to seeing ships along the lake, but now they’re seeing a different kind of ship, a cruise ship.
NEW Water sewage facility works to fight algae in the Bay
WFRV-TV - Green Bay, WI (8/4)
30 million gallons of water a day come through the NEW Water Sewage Plant in Green Bay, Wis., and after a 20-hour purifying process the water is pushed back into the bay and is much cleaner than the water that's already there.
Algal blooms in the Great Lakes
PBS NewsHour (8/3)
Scientist discusses Great Lakes algal blooms with the PBS News Hour.
Governor Kasich: New plan to address Lake Erie dredging issues
Dredging Today (8/1)
Governor John R. Kasich has recently joined local and federal officials to celebrate the innovative dredging strategy of the Toledo Harbor in Ohio.
Enbridge TV commercial sparks controversy on the Kalamazoo River
Fox 17 - Grand Rapids, MI (8/1)
A commercial from Enbridge was played on the four year anniversary of the Kalamazoo River oil spill, and according to Enbridge, the Kalamazoo River is “restored” but many residents beg to differ.
Plastic microbeads pile up into problems for the Great Lakes
PBS NewsHour (7/30)
Scientists are investigating a surprising new pollutant in the country’s waterways: the tiny plastic beads found in common cosmetic products.
Black sludge long Lake Ontario
WHAM-ABC13 - Rochester, N.Y. (7/30)
The Lake Ontario Waterkeeper said they don't know for sure if the black sludge seen along the shore in Monroe, N.Y. is Cladophora algae.
Hypothermia Year-round Threat in Lake Superior
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (7/29)
Lake Superior is know for its beautiful water, rocky shores, sandy beaches, and clean, cool water. But cooling off from the summer heat can be dangerous.
Rain Ready videos
Rain Ready (7/28)
Rain Ready offers a suite of policies and practices to help residents, communities, and states plan for climate change. Great Lakes communities are participating to protect water resources.
Asian Carp integrated pest management: Demonstration project on the Illinois River (Trailer)
USGS (7/24)
USGS and partners conducted an integrated pest management project on the Illinois River to determine the effectiveness of combining multiple tools in limiting populations of Asian carp.
Asian Carp integrated pest management: Demonstration project on the Illinois River (Full)
USGS (7/24)
USGS and partners conducted an integrated pest management project on the Illinois River to determine the effectiveness of combining multiple tools in limiting populations of Asian carp.
Monroe County attacks algae at Ontario Beach
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (7/22)
Monroe County, N.Y., broke ground on a project Tuesday that officials hope will curb the algae problem at Ontario Beach Park.
The rivers that run through it: A basin of toxins
The Windsor Star (7/22)
Blooms of blue-green algae spread across Lake Erie late every summer like a plague of slime, the vivid green coating so thick its soup-like texture can be seen from space.
Hundreds celebrate Lake Superior Day
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (7/20)
Lake Superior Day on Barker's Island drew hundreds in Superior, Wis., but organizers with the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve said the same is happening in communities all around the lake.
Diving into the past, part 2
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (7/17)
The famed shipwrecks of Lake Superior are ghostly reminders of our past, especially in the waters surrounding Isle Royale, about 35 miles out from Grand Portage, Minn.
Diving into the past
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (7/16)
Lake Superior shipwrecks fascinate us with their haunting past, as there have been hundreds of vessels swallowed up by the big lake.
Brutal winter lives on -- in icy lake water temperatures
Chicago Tribune (7/15)
Chicago’s brutal winter has left a frigid legacy in Lake Michigan, where the unusually chilly water is proving intimidating to swimmers, beachgoers and everyone but the salmon fishermen.
Climate change in the Great Lakes region
University of Michigan Engineering (7/14)
A research scientist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab says Great Lakes water resources face potential impacts from climate change.
Boat picks up trash from Lake Michigan after heavy rains
WISN-TV - Milwaukee, WI (7/14)
A "trash hunter" boat on Lake Michigan near Milwaukee, Wis., is picking up all the trash and debris left lurking underwater as a result of heavy rains this year.
Sailing crews arrive in Rochester to take on Lake Ontario
Time Warner Cable News (7/14)
Some of the top sailing crews from around the country are in Rochester, N.Y., for the J/70 North American Championships. Eighty-two boats from 21 states and seven countries are participating.
Great Lakes boaters enjoying deep water for first time in years
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/14)
Great Lakes boaters are benefiting from this year's higher water levels.
Scientists issue forecast for Lake Erie algae bloom
WNWO-TV - Toledo, OH (7/10)
Scientists forecast a significant algae bloom for Lake Erie this year.
Governor Kasich signs agreement to protect Lake Erie from invasive species
WNWO-TV - Toledo, OH (7/9)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed an agreement to protect fish in Lake Erie and to help the industries that depend on the lake.
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department says there is help for those affected by shutoffs
WDIV-TV - Detroit, MI (7/8)
The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department says there is help for those who have been tardy with their water bills and had their service subsequently shut off.
CDC warns of lake-related illnesses
WDIV-TV - Detroit, MI (7/7)
Did you bring home more than memories from your long weekend at the lake? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of several illnesses you can get from swimming in contaminated lakes and ponds.
How much sewage is in Lake Ontario? The city doesn’t have to say
Global News (7/7)
In Toronto, Ont., raw sewage flows into Lake Ontario and the city doesn’t have to tell the public. However, one water advocacy group is hoping to change that.

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