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  Great Lakes Videos: Archive
Overview | Great Lakes Video Archive
Check here for recent video coverage of Great Lakes issues by print, radio and television media outlets in the United States and Canada. You'll also find quick links to a large collection of the region's media sources, organized by state/province and city. The Great Lakes Videos section is updated weekly by the GLIN Project Team at the Great Lakes Commission. You are welcome to submit Great Lakes-related videos by local, state/provincial or national media.

Note: You may notice broken links on some of the video headlines. Many media sources (e.g., Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, etc) keep complete archives of all their content. So even if a story is months old, these links should still work. Others, however, like the Toronto Globe and Mail and the New York Times, only archive their content for one week or require a fee to retrieve archived content. So, unfortunately, many of these links in the GLIN archive become broken/irretrievable after a day, week or month.

Muskegon beach gets life-saving station
WXMI-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (7/28)
People are flocking to Lake Michigan to cool off and enjoy the water. New beach safety rescue stations in Muskegon, Mich., are helping people stay safe.
Hydrilla inches closer to Great Lakes
WIVB - TV Buffalo (7/28)
Herbicide fights invasive plant in Erie Canal.
Making History: Building the Great Lakes Water Authority
The Great Lakes Water Authority (7/27)
The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), launched on July 1, 2015, represents a historic change in how water and sewerage systems in southeast Michigan are operated. This video features key leaders reflecting on the GLWA’s formation and the benefits of regional collaboration. SHOW MORE
Historic shipwreck identified in Lake Michigan
Detroit Free Press (7/23)
A group of explorers recently found a historic steamship off the coast of Muskegon, Mich., more than a century after the ship sank.
Sportsmen's Club of Lake Vermilion to prevent spread of invasive pest
Northland's News Center (7/22)
Lake Vermilion is one of Minnesota's largest and most popular recreation lakes. Now, it has joined the ranks of other lakes infested with invasive species.
Legislation targets algae bloom reduction
WNEM-TV - Saginaw, MI (7/21)
Two members of Michigan's congressional delegation introduced legislation that calls for initiatives modeled after the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance program.
Lake Superior Day: keeping our great lake clean
Northland's News Center (19/7)
Superior natives took time to celebrate the greatest of the Great Lakes on Lake Superior Day, and learned what it takes to keep the lake fresh and pristine.
Rising Lake Michigan levels bring highs, lows to Chicago
WGN-TV Chicago, IL (7/19)
Compare the water levels on Lake Michigan today to the levels just four years ago, and the change is apparent.
Daily water-testing warns swimmers of dangers at Lake Erie beaches (Photos/Video)
The Plain Dealer (7/17)
The sun is just starting to rise above the horizon when technicians slip on their rubber chest waders, gather their tools and instruments, and slosh into the surf along the Lake Erie coast.
Dangerous waterspouts on Lake Michigan
WPXI-TV Pittsburgh, PA (7/17)
A marine warning was issued after waterspouts, tornadoes over water, were seen on Lake Michigan near Chicago, Ill., this week.
Great Lakes tour brings Grande Mariner cruise ship through Cleveland
WEWS-TV - Cleveland, OH (7/16)
The Grand Mariner cruise ship is currently halfway through its 16-day voyage of the Great Lakes, and Cleveland, Ohio, marked city number nine for the passengers.
High water, waves combine to erode Chrysler Beach
The Times Herald (7/15)
Great Lakes water levels are rebounding from a slump that started in the 1990s, and that's causing problems for some beaches along the St. Clair River.
Exploring Duluth’s ‘cribs’
Minnesota Public Radio (7/14)
"Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum," known as the "cribs" in Lake Superior in Duluth, Minn., changed last winter when a concrete column disappeared.
7 new shorelines and habitats along the Buffalo River
WKBW - Buffalo (7/13)
Together, the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, Great Lakes Commission and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are restoring Buffalo River shorelines and habitats.
E. coli formula keeps beachgoers safer quicker
WBAY-TV - Green Bay, WI (7/9)
Each day, scientists from the University of Wisconsin collect water from Lake Michigan to test for harmful bacteria that could make us sick. The problem is, testing back at the lab takes a minimum of 24 hours.
Waukesha water woes...tap from Lake Michigan or not
WDJT-TV - Milwaukee, WI (7/9)
An independent study says the city of Waukesha, Wis., has plenty of water. The water just needs to be treated.
Fox River dredging project
WFRV-TV - Green Bay, WI (7/9)
The Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources has been making strides in getting the Fox River cleaned up, but they say we still need to be cautious about the river.
Are Michigan’s pristine lakes at risk from aging pipelines?
PBS NewsHour (7/8)
In Michigan, two aging pipelines carry 20 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas a day under some of the most pristine water in the country. An oil spill would be devastating.
Paul R. Tregurtha sails our Great Lakes
Detroit Free Press (7/5)
The Paul R. Tregurtha is the largest freighter, at 1,013 feet, to sail the Great Lakes. She travels 1,580 miles delivering 68,000 tons of coal to two power plants. The crew of 23 makes this same trip 40 times a year.
Erie City Council backs plan for marine sanctuary
WJET / WFXP - Erie, PA (7/1)
Erie City Council members are publicly backing the creation of a federal marine sanctuary in our area.
Healing the Great Lakes with green infrastructure
Model D TV (6/30)
A new vision for water management in the Great Lakes region and beyond is emerging; one in which cities move from fragmentation to integration, treating water as a single, holistic resource.
Bringing back White Lake the beautiful
Restoring White Lake (6/30)
“Bringing Back White Lake the Beautiful” is a short story of the pollution and recovery of White Lake, in northern Muskegon County, Michigan.
Lake Erie clean up continues after weekend storms
WKYC-TV 3 - Cleveland, OH (6/29)
The rocky weather weekend made Lake Erie look more like an ocean than a lake.
Niagara Falls city council wants to ban jet boats in Canadian waters
CHCH-TV - Hamilton, ON (6/25)
A New York jet boat company wants to take passengers up through the Niagara River whirlpool rapids, but Niagara Falls city council is appealing to the federal government to ban the boats in Canadian waters.
Fractured water
Model D TV (6/25)
All across the Great Lakes region, natural water systems are fractured by an aging infrastructure of concrete, pipes, and pavement.
Plan to restore Bubbly Creek stalls amid contamination concerns
Chicago Tribune (6/25)
Plans for a $15.4 million restoration of notorious Bubbly Creek in Chicago, Ill., have stalled while the Environmental Protection Agency determines the extent of water and sediment contamination in the area.
Life aboard a Great Lakes freighter
Detroit Free Press (6/22)
Climb aboard the Paul R. Tregurtha, the longest ship on the Great Lakes, as a Detroit Free Press photographer and writer share their experiences this week reporting from the 1,013-foot ship.
Water safety tips: What you need to know
WNDU-TV - South Bend, IN (6/22)
As temperatures climb, cooling off by the lake sounds ideal. Before you take a dive, take heed to water safety tips from water experts and first responders.
‘Walleyes For Warriors’ event brings hundreds of veterans to Saginaw Bay
WEYI-TV - Clio, MI (6/21)
Hundreds of military veterans spent Sunday fishing in Saginaw Bay during the annual Warriors For Walleyes event in Bay City, Mich.
Billions of gallons of expensive drinking water going down the drain
WEWS-TV - Cleveland, OH (6/19)
Northeast Ohio is plagued by the same water loss issue that faces water customers nationwide — an aging infrastructure that is slowly leaking 1.2 trillion gallons of water into the ground every year.
New buoy project to collect wave and weather data on Lake Superior
WLUC-TV - Megaunee, MI (6/18)
When you're out on Lake Superior, wave and weather data can sometimes be hard to receive when you need it. A new project involving data-collecting buoys is aiming to change that.
Harpersfield Dam: Sea lamprey barrier project
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (6/18)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently replacing the Harpersfield Dam in Ashtabula County, Ohio, to prevent sea lamprey passage and reproduction from upstream of the dam on the Grand River and its tributaries.
Teams Surveying the Fox River for invasive species
WBAY-TV - Green Bay, WI (6/17)
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a team of technicians surveying the Fox River looking for lamprey, an invasive species that could impact the Great Lakes fish population.
Forecasting dead zones and toxic algal blooms
University of Michigan News Service (7/14)
The cutting edge of predicting dead zones and toxic algae is key to preventing water quality problems for Great Lakes consumers.
Analyzing the advantages of Lake Michigan
WTTV-TV – Chicago, IL (6/15)
California’s drought might make Chicagoans thankful that the city is located next to Lake Michigan, but toxic algae is a serious threat to the health of the Great Lakes.
Stockbridge robotics students explore Lake Huron shipwrecks
WILX-TV - Alpena, MI (6/11)
A dive team has been scouring Shipwreck Alley this week in Lake Huron investigating the deep water. It may sound like work for professionals, but this is a team of high school students.
Nesting eaglets serve as bio-sentinels in search for contaminants
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (6/8)
With help from professional tree climbers, ecologists take blood and feather samples from nestling bald eagles to determine their exposure to environmental contaminants and chemicals.
CGLI Industrial water stewardship project
Council of Great Lakes Industries (7/14)
Project team member Jim Nicholas describes the importance of multi-stakeholder processes in CGLI’s water stewardship project and in Great Lakes decision-making generally.
After 100 years lake sturgeon could finally return to Milwaukee River
WITI-TV - Milwaukee, WI (6/5)
It’s been more than a hundred years since sturgeon have been found in the Milwaukee River. But now, the Wisconsin DNR has reached a major milestone in their efforts to repopulate the river. The fish could be back in a matter of months.
Effort to rebuild islands and attract wildlife underway in the bay
WFRV-TV - Green Bay, WI (6/3)
Federal and state agencies from eight Great Lakes states are meeting in Green Bay, Wis., this week to get an update on the $27 million Cat Island restoration project.
Cruisin’ death’s door
WGN-TV - Chicago, IL (6/3)
Off the tip of Wisconsin's Door County peninsula is a legendary passage known as "Death’s Door," where hundreds of shipwrecks tell a grim story of unpredictable winds and powerful Lake Michigan tides.
Research vessels back on Great Lakes
WBKB-TV - Alpena, MI (6/2)
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Research Vessels are back out on the water for evaluations of the Great Lakes.
Chicago's frozen tundra captured by stunning drone video
CBS Chicago (5/29)
Only a sweeping shot over a chilled Lake Michigan, framed by the skyline, gives the viewer a clue that the frozen tundra on view is actually Chicago.
Monitoring drinking water
WCAX-TV - Burlington, VT (5/29)
After a potent algae bloom in Lake Erie made the drinking water in Toledo, Ohio, undrinkable last summer, there's now a new strategy to reduce pollutants that help algae thrive.
Captain John’s journey nearing end
Erie Media (5/29)
After being safely towed from Toronto Harbour Thursday morning, the M/V Jadran – Captain John’s, as it had come to be known — moved quickly through the Welland Canal.
Shipwreck discovery may lead to Great Lakes treasure
Detroit Free Press (5/28)
For two treasure hunters searching in Lake Michigan, this latest shipwreck find might be the next step in their search for more than $2 million in Confederate gold bullion.
Avoid the trap
Wisconsin Sea Grant (5/21)
Wisconsin Sea Grant recently released a video to help anglers "avoid the trap." The video is a fishermen's guide to avoiding trap nets and gill nets in the Great Lakes, and what to do if you get caught in a drifting net.
In over your head: a 3-step process that can save your life
WSBT-TV - Michigan City, IN (5/19)
There are several types of currents on Lake Michigan that develop near shore. Two are responsible for the most incidents: rip currents and structural currents.
Gondolas proposed for Outer Harbor
WGRZ-TV - Buffalo, NY (5/18)
In Buffalo, N.Y., the Citizens for Regional Transit group and the Creative Urban projects firm proposed a new gondola system that would provide scenic panoramas of the Buffalo River and Lake Erie.
Spring is best time to check out shipwrecks in Lake Michigan
WISN-TV - Milwaukee, WI (5/15)
Lake Michigan has several submerged shipwrecks that are in ideal waters for divers. This spring, conditions are close to perfect for studying the lake's maritime past.
Jean Michel Cousteau talks invasive carp in the Great Lakes during event at The Henry Ford
The Press and Guide (5/14)
After a recent screening of his newest film in Dearborn, Mich., Jean Michel Cousteau met with event attendees and discussed topics such as Asian carp in the Great Lakes.
Groups try to keep trout population strong in area waterways
CTV News - Barrie, ON (5/13)
A research vessel operated by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was loaded with more than 30,000 small lake trout to be released in Georgian Bay near Craigleith, Ont.
Door County wetlands garner international recognition
WLUK-TV - Green Bay, WI (5/13)
The Ramsar Convention, a worldwide wetlands protection organization, recently recognized the Door Peninsula Coastal Wetlands near Baileys Harbor, Wis., as "internationally significant."
Investigating Line 5
WWTV-TV - Cadillac, MI (5/13)
The pipelines that run under the Straits of Mackinac, owned by Enbridge, have been there since 1953. The company says the pipelines are in pristine condition, but environmental groups worry about their age.
WISN Milwaukee (5/12)
The city of Waukesha’s water manager said the quantity and quality of their water is nearing a crisis level.
Lighthouse records now online, shedding light on West Michigan history
WWMT-TV - Kalamazoo, MI (5/11)
Records from the lighthouse keeper in South Haven, Mich., sat unopened on a shelf for decades, but now Western Michigan University has posted them online for the world to see.
Montreal teenager starts petition to ban microbeads in Quebec
CTV News - Montreal, QC (5/8)
A high school student saw that Ontario, Illinois and other states in the U.S. are trying to ban microbeads, and she figured Quebec should follow suit.
High water leaves little room for beaches
WPBN-WTOM-TV - Traverse City, MI (5/8)
Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are 4 inches above their long term average, going back to 1918. Some are concerned the higher water could impact business along the Lake Michigan shoreline this summer.
Waterfront Safety Task Force back in action
WJMN-TV - Marquette, MI (5/7)
In Marquette, Mich., the Waterfront Safety Task Force dissolved in 2011, but the original members decided to reinstate the group this year to tackle new challenges.
Science safeguards drinking water from harmful algal blooms
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (5/6)
Toxins from harmful algal blooms are increasingly contaminating source waters, as well as the drinking water treatment facilities that source waters supply. EPA researchers are helping the treatment facilities find safe, cost effective ways to remove the toxins and keep your drinking water safe.
The forgotten, crucial battle in the War of 1812: Sackets Harbor
Time Warner Cable News (5/2)
During the War of 1812, Sackets Harbor, N.Y., was important because it was truly the only location where the Americans could operate a naval force on Lake Ontario.
Beauty and business in the North Country along the St. Lawrence Seaway
Time Warner Cable News (5/2)
A few years after World War II, a long-talked-about Canada-U.S. shared seaway system expansion, with locks and channels that would allow larger ships to transport from the Great Lakes to Montreal, was born.
The early days of the 1000 Islands
Time Warner Cable News (5/2)
The 1000 Islands is home to some of the most beautiful views in all of New York. Long ago, those views could only be enjoyed by the very rich.
Cold winters raise waters on Green Bay and improve fish stocks
WFRV - Green Bay, WI (5/1)
Recent snowy or frigid winters are making the fishing better in and around Green Bay, Wis., because sport fish are finding new spawning areas.
Governor General boards Shiprider in Detroit
CTV-TV - Windsor, ON (4/30)
Governor General of Canada David Johnston was in Detroit learning about the Shiprider program, a cross-border law enforcement program where Canadian and American officers work on the same vessel, patrolling the waterways.
Decision coming on nuclear waste
CTV-TV - London, ON (4/29)
A decision on Ontario Power Generation burying nuclear was near Lake Huron is expected by next week.
Is this invasive plant a threat to Michigan's wildlife?
WDIV-TV - Detroit, MI (4/28)
Phragmites' dense weeds are hard to fight. They are a common reed, a perennial and wetland grass that can grow to 15 feet in height.
High-demand buoys back on Lake Michigan
WOOD-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (4/28)
As the weather turns warmer, demand is high for the return of weather buoys on Lake Michigan. These transmit current weather conditions on the lake to a website anyone can access.
Snowfall helps Lake Michigan’s water level rebound from historic low in January 2013
Fox 6-TV - Milwaukee, WI (4/26)
Lake Michigan’s water level has officially rebounded from its historic low in January 2013 and according to the National Weather Service, the average water level reached just over 579 feet in March.
Biologists treat local waters for parasitic fish
WJET- Erie, PA (4/24)
Since the 1800s, sea lampreys have been feeding on the fish of the Great Lakes, filling our local creeks and stream. The Great Lakes Fishery Commission continues to fight the lampreys by treating waters with lampricide.
2015 Lake Michigan lighthouse map goes live online
WWMT-TV - Kalamazoo, MI (4/23)
While waiting for it to warm up outside, you can start planning your summer trip to Lake Michigan's lighthouses with the new 2015 Lake Michigan Lighthouse Map.
Survivors, victims' families fight for increased Lake Michigan water safety
The Times of Northwest Indiana (4/22)
Advocates for water safety say increased attention needs to be directed at open water swim training, and to closing Great Lakes beaches to swimmers on days when waves and rip currents present dangers.
Fond du Lac band helps restore Lake Sturgeon population
KBJR-TV - Superior, WI (4/22)
Lake sturgeon are considered to be one of the most unique fish on the Great Lakes, and they became almost nonexistent in the 1970s.
Six wind turbines planned in Lake Erie
WJET-TV - Erie, PA (4/22)
There's a plan to erect six giant wind turbines in Lake Erie off the coast of Cleveland, Ohio. Erie County now joins other lakefront municipalities in northeastern Ohio that endorse the plan.
Tour protesting Enbridge pipeline makes stop in Harbor Springs
7&4 News - Grand Traverse, MI (4/16)
A tour making its way through the Midwest protesting Enbridge pipelines made a stop in Emmet County where the speakers specifically called for the decommission of line 5 of the pipeline which runs under the Straits of Mackinac.
Thousands of Coho Salmon Released Into Lake Michigan
9&10 News - Cadillac, MI (4/16)
Hundreds of thousands of coho salmon were released into Lake Michigan and the Platte River.
First saltie of season arrives in Twin Ports
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (4/13)
The first oceangoing vessel of the 2015 shipping season pulled into the Port of Duluth-Superior after making the 2,342-mile journey through the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes.
Feds report improvements at Palisades nuclear plant, but say there's still more work to do
WMAQ-TV - Chicago, IL (4/13)
An aging nuclear power plant that once leaked into Chicago’s main source of drinking water has received an improved report card, although the plant remains a source of controversy.
New bill would protect Great Lakes from threat of Canadian nuclear waste
WXYZ -TV - Detroit, MI (4/10)
A new bill from Mich. Congressman Dan Kildee is aiming to make sure a proposed Canadian nuclear site doesn't threaten the Great Lakes.
Shore of Chequamegon Bay redevelopment in planning stages
KQDS-TV - Washburn, WI (4/9)
City officials in Washburn, Wis., are in the early stages of redeveloping the 30 acres of land along Chequamegon Bay.
Rainbow trout fishing part of Vermillion River's revival
KARE-TV - Minneapolis, MN (4/9)
It has taken decades of work to improve the water quality of Minnesota's Vermillion River. Efforts are paying off, allowing anglers to reel in trout.
Duluth Aquarium seeks funding to expand
KQDS-TV - Duluth, MN (4/9)
The Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minn., is asking for $75,000 from the city's surplus tourism tax fund to finish construction on their new Discovery Center.
Plastic pollution in the Great Lakes
Cranbrook Institute of Science (4/7)
A panel regarding Great Lakes plastic pollution, beach cleanup programs, and more was recently presented by several environmental organizations at Michigan's Cranbrook Institute of Science.
Hook and hunting: trout planting
9&10 News - Cadillac, MI (4/2)
A Northern Michigan fishing organization is helping to bring brown trout back to the area.
Senator Debbie Stabenow talks Great Lakes importance at CMU
WPBN-WTOM-TV - Traverse City, MI (4/2)
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow was at Central Michigan University to talk about an issue she is fighting for in Washington.
Great Lakes water levels expected to rise
WDIV-TV - Detroit, MI (4/2)
With some lakes expected to see levels rise a full foot, the Army Corps of Engineers says we can expect to see the highest lake levels in years.
Lake Erie Waterkeeper has reservations about Clean Lake Erie Act, to be signed Thursday
Toledo News Now (4/1)
The director of Lake Erie Waterkeeper says there are holes in the Clean Lake Erie Act, in the form of exemptions that don't make sense.
Wind blows Lake Michigan ice on lakeshore, creates large formation
WWTV-TV - Cadillac, MI (4/1)
As warmer air blows across Lake Michigan, ice covering it starts to break up into large chunks.
Lake Huron Discovery Tour preparation
WBKB-TV - Alpena, MI (4/1)
Preparation has begun for this year's Lake Huron Discovery Tour that will highlight arts and culture in cities from Standish to Mackinaw City, Mich., during Columbus Day weekend.
Playing iceberg golf on Lake Michigan
WILX-TV - Lansing, MI (4/1)
While March weather kept many Michiganders inside, a few residents chose to venture outdoors to partake in a new sport on Lake Michigan: iceberg golf.
Drone captures ice breaking up on Lake Michigan
WILX-TV - Lansing, MI (3/25)
Drones are giving us a new perspective of the ice melting on Lake Michigan, and of the ice breaking along the shore in Grand Haven, Mich.
Lake Superior pilot captures video of 'loneliest' lighthouse in the world
MLive (3/25)
The Stannard Rock Light in Lake Superior, a remote lighthouse built on a reef 24 miles from the eastern shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula, has long been known as the "loneliest place in the world."
Ice shoves ashore from Lake St. Clair, Michigan
The Weather Channel (3/25)
Ice shoves occur when wind and currents push free-floating ice onshore. The first slabs or blocks of ice will slow down once reaching land, creating a traffic jam of ice piling behind and on top.
See what it's like to go ice breaking with the Cleveland Coast Guard on frozen Lake Erie
WEWS-TV - Cleveland, OH (3/23)
The ice on the Great Lakes has different textures and temperaments. It can be smooth or jagged, and sometimes both are just yards apart.
Hundreds of anglers hit the Fox River as walleye action heats up
WGBA-TV - Green Bay, WI (3/22)
In Wisconsin, it's the pursuit of the popular, and tasty, game fish known as the walleye that has put the Fox River on the state's map for early season sport fishing.
Coast Guard welcomes spring by breaking up Great Lakes ice
The Associated Press (3/20)
The U.S. Coast Guard is welcoming spring by breaking up ice that remains on some Great Lakes shipping channels.
Great Lakes buoy to new heights after 15 years of low water levels
The Christian Science Monitor (3/20)
After 15 years of below-average water levels, lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron are now well above normal.
Hook and hunting: DNR considers new lake trout regulations
9&10 News - Cadillac, MI (3/19)
The Michigan DNR is considering new lake trout regulations that would reduce the amount of catchable lake trout from three fish to two in some areas.
Lake Erie ice thickness flight
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (3/19)
IJC’s International Niagara Board of Control monitors the operation of the Chippawa-Grass Island Pool above Niagara Falls and also oversees the installation and removal of the ice boom.
Plastic pieces wash up on shoreline
WPBN-WTOM-TV - Traverse City, MI (3/17)
Strong winds may be to blame for pushing pieces of plastic on shore near Good Harbor Bay in Leelanau County, Mich.

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