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  Great Lakes Videos: Archive
Overview | Great Lakes Video Archive
Check here for recent video coverage of Great Lakes issues by print, radio and television media outlets in the United States and Canada. You'll also find quick links to a large collection of the region's media sources, organized by state/province and city. The Great Lakes Videos section is updated weekly by the GLIN Project Team at the Great Lakes Commission. You are welcome to submit Great Lakes-related videos by local, state/provincial or national media.

Note: You may notice broken links on some of the video headlines. Many media sources (e.g., Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, etc) keep complete archives of all their content. So even if a story is months old, these links should still work. Others, however, like the Toronto Globe and Mail and the New York Times, only archive their content for one week or require a fee to retrieve archived content. So, unfortunately, many of these links in the GLIN archive become broken/irretrievable after a day, week or month.

Muskegon River reaches historic height in Evart
WZZM 13 - Grand Rapids, MI (4/16)
The Muskegon River in Michigan surpassed an all-time high water mark Tuesday afternoon.
Chicago bridges lift as sailboats begin journey to harbors
ABC7-TV - Chicago, IL (4/16)
Sailboat season is underway, and the bridges in Chicago, Ill., are being lifted so that boats can get back out on Lake Michigan.
Ice gone on Lake Michigan, but shipping impacted elsewhere
Fox 6 Now-TV - Milwaukee, WI (4/16)
Much of the ice on Lake Michigan has melted away but it continues to cause problems to the north on Lake Superior, and officials at the Port of Milwaukee say that’s affecting business.
City doesn't foresee a rate hike soon with $380M sewer upgrade
WGRZ-TV - Buffalo, NY (4/16)
The Buffalo Sewer Authority will spend $380 million to upgrade its sewage plant, install rain gardens and other measures to reduce untreated sewage and runoff from entering the Niagara River.
Photographer reveals larger-than-life Lake Superior image
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (4/12)
The Duluth Photography Institute (DPI) is displaying a panoramic of Lake Superior that's practically as big as the real thing.
Wasaga Beach residents continue to watch water levels rise
CTV News (4/9)
Residents are watching rising water levels closely at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River in Wasaga Beach, Ont.
Strange substance has residents mystified
WNEW-TV - Saginaw, MI (4/8)
Residents in Sebawing, Mich., are concerned after noticing a mystery substance spilling into the Sebawing River. Officials are trying to determine where the spill originated and what dangers it could pose.
Expert: BP Lake Michigan spill could have been worse
WBBM-TV - Chicago, IL (4/9)
The impact of a recent BP oil spill in Lake Michigan could have been much worse than it was. Weather conditions helped blunt the impact of the spill.
5 Steps to protect your lake from exotic species
Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (4/7)
Here are five steps to help protect lakes and other waterways from invasive and exotic species.
Damaged cutter expected to be repaired in Duluth Monday
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (4/6)
The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Morrow Bay said that the tug will be undergoing repairs after it suffered a rudder casualty while breaking ice near Thunder Bay, Ont
Volunteers wanted to take part in lighthouse keepers program
WBKB-TV - Alpena, MI (4/6)
Officials from Michigan's historic Tawas Point Lighthouse are looking for volunteers who are interested in staying in the lighthouse for an extended period of time.
Breaking Montreal’s icy economy
Global News (4/2)
Five Canadian Coast Guard ice breakers and a hovercraft were dispatched to break ice that is three to five feet thick on the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Wheatfield residents question bio-energy plant expansion
WGRZ-TV - Buffalo, NY (4/2)
The proposed expansion of a bio-energy plant in the town of Wheatfield, N.Y., is raising questions among residents who fear it could have an impact on their community.
Outreach and education methods for phragmites management
Great Lakes Commission (4/1)
Mary Bohling of Michigan Sea Grant is the featured speaker in this Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative webinar focused on the importance of outreach to improve Phragmites management.
Coast Guard ice breakers work to keep Great Lakes shipping channels open
CBS News (4/1)
Every year, it takes brute force for Coast Guard cutters to smash though the thick ice that covers the passage connecting Lake Superior to Lake Huron.
Lake Michigan oil spill
WTTW-TV - Chicago, IL (3/31)
BP says all of the oil from last week's spill in Lake Michigan is now cleaned up, but activists worry about the possibility of future spills.
Tar sands crude shipping on the Great Lakes
Alliance for the Great Lakes (3/31)
Plans are in the works to dramatically increase the flow of tar sands crude oil to the Midwest, and a tar sands shipping route has already been mapped across the waters of the Great Lakes.
Interview with David Wethington, US Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Embassy Ottawa (3/28)
David Wethington recently visited Canada to talk with his Canadian counterparts on the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS) and what his team is doing to fight invasive species.
Ice cutters clear the way for Great Lakes traffic
WPBN-WTOM TV 7&4 - Traverse City, MI (3/28)
More than 70 percent of the lakes are covered with ice and when our waterways freeze, it's the Coast Guard's job to clear the way for commerce.
Freighter ships out, ushering in Great Lakes maritime season
Erie Times News (3/27)
The first of the freighters dry docked in Erie, Pa., for the winter for repairs departed on Tuesday with the last freighter scheduled to depart in early April.
Malfunction at BP refinery causes oil spill on Lake Michigan
CBS Chicago (3/25)
Crude oil spilled onto the shore of Lake Michigan in Whiting, Ind., following an accident Monday afternoon at the BP refinery.
Be inspired: Join us as we restore the Great Lakes
U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (3/21)
The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is encouraging people to become part of the effort to help save and restore the Great Lakes.
Salt used on roads this winter heads toward waterways
WISN-TV - Milwaukee, WI (3/19)
The millions of pounds of salt used in southeastern Wisconsin is now in the region's waterways.
Wasaga Beach fire chief concerned of potential for ice jams, flooding
CTV News - Barrie, ON (3/17)
Milder weather and strong winds on Georgian Bay are shaping the ice into remarkable formations, but those ice sculptures can also be a warning.
Lake Michigan ice quickly receding
WXMI-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (3/17)
After reaching peak coverage of 93 percent in early March, milder weather and sunshine have allowed ice on Lake Michigan to start melting quickly.
Cat Island completion will reduce federal harbor funds
Green Bay Press-Gazette (3/16)
U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin visited the Port of Green Bay this week to meet with officials and discuss the dredging and restoration of the Cat Island chain.
Life-saving buoys to be installed on Silver Beach pier
WNDU-TV - South Bend, IN (3/13)
Berrien County Commissions in Michigan approved a resolution that calls for the installation of life ring buoys come May 1, 2014 in Lake Michigan.
Ducks dying from starvation as lake ice cuts them off from food source
CBS 2-TV - Chicago, IL (3/12)
This winter is having a dramatic impact on the ducks who usually flourish along the shores of Lake Michigan.
Coping with exceptional ice in the Great Lakes
PBS (3/11)
A report on the struggle to keep shipping lanes open to Chicago’s ice-clogged harbor to Lake Michigan.
Ice breaking on Great Lakes could take months
WBAY-TV - Green Bay, WI (3/10)
The U.S. Coast Guard is calling for patience as it ramps up ice breaking operations on the Great Lakes this week.
Ice breaking begins for US Coast Guard Cutter Alder
WDIO-TV - Duluth, MN (3/10)
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder started breaking a path with the start of the shipping season just weeks away.
Ice breaker in action on Lake Michigan
WDJT-TV - Milwaukee, WI (3/7)
Lake levels are expected to be a foot higher this year, but all of the ice has stopped big ships from moving through the water.
Great Lakes ice and water levels
University of Michigan College of Engineering (3/7)
A discussion of the implications of ice cover and frigid water on the lakes' future water levels and shipping and tourism industries that depend on them.
Asian carp problem
Central Illinois Proud (3/6)
Recently, Illinois GOP candidates for governor were asked to explain what they would do to address the threat of Asian carp spreading into the Great Lakes.
Sick of winter? There is a silver lining!
WSBT-TV - South Bend, IN (3/3)
Experts say that by next fall, water temperatures will be cooler and evaporation rates will be lower than usual due to this winter's cold weather. Therefore, Great Lakes water levels should rise a bit.
Tourism at Apostle Islands brings In $24M, creates over 300 jobs
WCCO-TV - Minneapolis, MN (3/3)
The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Bayfield, Wis., brought in a collective $24 million during from tourism in 2012 while creating 300 new jobs in the surrounding area.
Karegnondi crews to begin tunneling under Lake Huron
The Times Herald (3/2)
A closed face tunneling machine will begin burrowing under Lake Huron next week. The tunnel will be part of the intake station for the 74-mile, $274 million Karegnondi water pipeline
Rough winter has some anglers finding ice shanties frozen to lake
WITI-TV - Green Bay, WI (3/1)
Ice fishers in Wisconsin were asked to remove their ice shanties from the frozen surface of Lake Wausau, but many of the shanties are frozen to the lake.
Large fish kill expected in inland lakes because of harsh winter
WZZM 13 (2/27)
The DNR says there will be fewer fish to catch this summer on lakes and rivers around the state because of the large amounts of ice that cover them
Ice-covered lakes may be bottling arctic cold for spring
Chicago Tribune (2/27)
With the Great Lakes more ice-covered than they have been in decades, the latest blast of arctic chill is being bottled for spring.
Frozen Lake Michigan endangers the lives of ducks
Fox 6 Now Milwaukee (2/25)
The harsh winter conditions and the large amounts of ice on Lake Michigan are threatening the lives of ducks.
Watch this video of ice waves and hope that spring is on its way
Denver Post (2/25)
With temperatures of their way up, the sheets of ice covering Lake Michigan broke up and the resulting ice waves made for some beautiful sunset scenery.
IJC LEEP 2014 Short
Youtube (2/25)
This video presents the highlights of the report: A Balanced Diet for Lake Erie, Reducing Phosphorus Loadings and Harmful Algal Blooms that will be released to the public on February 27, 2014
Lake effect snow: Why it's a good thing, and why we might get less of it in the future (video)
The Post-Standard (2/24)
University of Syracuse, NY Professor discusses a the effects of lake effect snow and a related federal study of the phenomenon
Beauty or beast, swans to take center stage in 2014
Appleton Post-Crescent (2/24)
Swans and other migratory birds make Green Lake, Wisc. their stopover point.
Great Lakes Aquarium getting new educational area
WDIO (2/24)
The Minnesota Power foundation delivered a $125,000 check to help build a new educational area at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minn.
Frozen Great Lakes deadly for ducks, conservationists say
CTV News, Canada (3/23)
The bitterly cold winter has killed hundreds of ducks in southern Ontario and upstate New York, wildlife conservationists say, as frozen ice covering the vast majority of the Great Lakes has made it impossible for many waterfowl to dive for food.
Nearly 200 bald eagles are making a Michigan power plant their home
The Globe and Mail (2/19)
Nearly 200 eagles are spending the winter at a power plant along the shore of Lake Erie in Michigan. The birds are drawn to the factory's warm water discharge that's teeming with tasty fish as well as the seclusion of the wooded area nearby.
Rescued snowy owl released back into the wild
The Plain Dealer (2/19)
The emaciated and dehydrated snowy owl rescued last month was released back into the wild after a month-long rehabilitation at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in Bay Village, Ohio.
Money down the drain?
The Plain Dealer (2/18)
The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is raising its rates by more than $3 billion over the next 25 years as part of a federally mandated project to reduce the billions of gallons of raw sewage that dump into Lake Erie each year.
Sightseers risk danger to walk icy Lake Michigan
FOX17-TV - Grand Rapids, MI (2/17)
Officials in Grand Haven, Mich., are asking people to stay off Lake Michigan after six people had to be pulled from the water this weekend. Still, several people were out on the lake Monday.
Great Lakes give rare ice show
NBC News (2/16)
A frozen Lake Superior is giving visitors a rare show with spectacular ice caves.
Crystal Beach ice caves draw a crowd
The Buffalo News (2/15)
Tourists continue to visit the amazing Crystal Beach ice formations that sit along the Canadian lakeshore in Crystal Beach, Ont.
Winter weather carves out ‘ice shoves’ near Lake Erie
Global News (2/12)
At Crystal Beach, Ont., a rare phenomenon is attracting people: "ice shoves" that stretch for over a kilometer on the coast of Lake Erie.
Lake Michigan frozen; icebreaking underway
WGN TV (2/12)
The coast guard launches new, ice-breaking operations around Burns Harbor, Ind., that will help prevent ice jams in important waterways, and free any vessels that become stuck.
New York could ban facial scrubs with microbeads
WWNY TV (2/12)
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Assemblyman Robert Sweeney introduced the Microbead Free Waters Act, which bans the tiny plastic beads used in facial scrubs and other cosmetics.
Great Lakes system 79-percent covered in ice
WWMT - Kalamazoo, MI (2/10)
Thanks to Mother Natures' unbearably low temperatures, the entire Great Lakes system is now 79-percent covered in ice.
Hikers make rare visit to ice caves of Lake Superior
CBS News (2/10)
Bob, Krumenaker, a park superintendent near Lake Superior, is referring to Superior's ice cave experience "as a truly endangered national park experience, because, like endangered animals, we can't predict its future, and it may not be there."
It's official: Belle Isle now Michigan's 102nd state park
Detroit Free Press (2/10)
Belle Isle is officially a state park that will operate the 982-acre island in the Detroit River under a 30-year lease from the city of Detroit, and it’s Michigan’s 102nd state park.
Congressman addresses importance of Great Lakes at Washington summit
Dredging Today (2/6)
N.Y. congressman Brian Higgins discussed the importance of the Great Lakes from both an environmental and economic standpoint at a Washington, D.C. summit.
Shipping on hold as ice locks up Great Lakes
USA Today (2/7)
Shipping on the Great Lakes has been put on hold due to the tremendous amount of ice on the lakes. Transportation across the lakes may be delayed until March.
Rep. Miller introduces legislation to prevent Asian carp from invading Great Lakes
Rep. Candice Miller (2/5)
U.S. Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) issued a statement after introducing the Defending Against Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2014, authorizing swift, preventative action to stop Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.
Ice sailing on Lake Erie
WILX-TV - Lansing, MI (2/3)
About 50 dedicated ice boaters use the Erie Yacht Club as their base of operations. They skim along the Lake Erie ice, aided by light winds and mild temperatures.
Icicles transform the gorge into 'crystal palace'
Hudson Hub Times (1/30)
Huge, colorful icicles drip from the rock cliffs - some of which drop 60 feet or more into Cuyahoga River - in Gorge Metro Park, Ohio each winter.
Breaking the Great Lakes ice
CBC News (1/29)
The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Griffon has been busy this winter and it still got six ships to free from ice this week.
Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic
WDIO (1/27)
For a decade now, teams have battled it out 'pond hockey style' on frozen Lake Superior for the Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic.
Stunning frozen caves on Lake Superior
CNN (1/25)
Many people are flocking to hike out to Lake Superior's stunning ice caves for the first time in five years thanks to the thick ice covering the lake.
Invasive Species Sparks Discussion in Erie
Your Erie (1/24)
The U.S Army Corps of Engineers held a public conference on Jan. 24, 2014 to discuss the numerous invasive species that could be a threat to Lake Erie.
Fisherman on Lake Erie: "I feel pretty safe right now on this ice"
WTVG (Toledo, OH) (1/23)
Thanks to the brutal winter, Lake Erie will be almost completely iced over by early next week.
Drastically cold temperatures create greatest ice cover on the Great Lakes in 20 years
Up North Live (1/22)
A review of data shows that ice formation on the Great Lakes continues and with colder than normal temperatures remaining in the short and longer range forecasts, the ice cover will continue to grow.
Relentless winter freezes more than 60% of Lake Michigan and causes propane shortages
ABC News (1/21)
The Coast Guard is working to keep waterways clear of ice as cold blast drains supplies of heating oil.
Rescued snowy owl recovering at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
The Plain Dealer (1/20)
An emaciated and dehydrated snowy owl rescued from the basement of the Palace Theatre in Lorain, Ohio, last week is showing signs of improvement at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center.
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore winter sea caves open for first time in five years
Northland's News Center (1/18)
With ice above and below, it's the first time in five years that people are able to safely walk out to visit the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore sea caves on Lake Superior.
Why do some Great Lakes freeze?
The Weather Channel (1/17)
A weather channel meteorologist and winter weather expert explains why some of the Great Lakes freeze while others do not.
Winds churn up big waves on Lake Erie
WKYC-TV - Cleveland, OH (1/15)
Huge Lake Erie waves crash into the breakwall at East 55th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.
Coast Guard icebreakers come to rescue of frozen Great Lakes
CBS News (1/15)
Thick ice is crippling the shipping industry in the Great Lakes. The Coast Guard is working around the clock to cut through the ice, but this winter's weather is making the battle unusually tough.
Ice on Lake Superior slowing ships
WWMT-TV - Kalamazoo, MI (1/13)
Ships making their way through Lake Superior are having a tough time thanks to ice buildup. Trips that normally take three days now take seven.
The high stakes of the Great Lakes - This amazing home
Shedd Aquarium (1/8)
Learn what issues are at stake for the Great Lakes, home to twenty percent of the world's fresh water.
The high stakes of the Great Lakes: Invasive species
Shedd Aquarium (1/8)
Asian carp are threatening the Great Lakes - what can we do to prevent the carp from spreading?
The high stakes of the Great Lakes: Research, management and action
Shedd Aquarium (1/8)
Find out about possible solutions to the Asian carp issue, including electrical barriers, "carpicide" and food movements.
Built on water: Milwaukee's vital resource
University of Wisconsin (1/2)
Historian John Gurda talks about Lake Michigan and the rivers that feed it that have been Milwaukee’s dominant natural resources since the days of the Potawatomi.
Early ice disrupts traffic on the Great Lakes
CBS News (12/19)
Single-digit temperatures have nearly solidified parts of Lake Superior, slowing the multi-billion dollar Great Lakes shipping industry. However, the ice formation can benefit the lake, which suffers from years of low precipitation.
Early ice disrupts traffic on Great Lakes
CBS (12/19)
Single-digit temperatures have nearly solidified parts of Lake Superior, slowing the multi-billion dollar Great Lakes shipping industry. The cold start to winter and ice formation, biologists say, can benefit the lake, which had suffered from years of low precipitation.
Future USS Milwaukee starts next phase of life on the water
Green Bay Press-Gazette (12/18)
It took 10 swings, but the champagne bottle finally broke and the future USS Milwaukee made it into the Menominee River in Marinette, Wis.
Surfing Santa returns
CHCH - Hamilton, Ont. (12/18)
On Monday, the "Surfing Santa" will windsurf the frigid waters from Fort Erie, Ont. to Buffalo, N.Y., to raise awareness for homelessness.
Project Ice
Project Ice (12/18)
Formed by ice, filled by ice, often covered by ice, the Great Lakes encapsulate human exploration, migration, development and where we’re headed.
Climate change effects on fisheries in the Great Lakes
U.S. Geological Survey (12/16)
Great Lakes fishery managers and stakeholders have little information regarding how climate change could affect the management of recreationally and commercially important fisheries, which have been valued at more than $7 billion USD annually. This research has focused on how climate change could influence fish habitat (including water temperature, ice cover, and water levels) and ultimately fish production.
Brrr! Surfers 'hang 10' in Lake Michigan
Wood TV Channel 8 Michigan (12/13)
Air temperatures were in the teens in Charlevoix, Mich. where the men put on their wet suits and rode the big waves Thursday.
Erie Co. bans fracking on county lands
WIVB Channel 4 Buffalo (12/12)
In Buffalo, the legislature voted to ban hydro-fracking in Erie County, which borders Lake Erie.
Working together for clean water and clean beaches
Ausable Bayfield (12/12)
Farmers and other stakeholders are working together to better limit the impacts of water running over land during storm events through the creation of a new Rural Stormwater Management Model.
Shipwreck hunter finds Keystone State in Lake Huron
USA Today (12/9)
Shipwreck hunter David Trotter and his team of divers headed out to Lake Huron in July and discovered a Civil War era ship, "Keystone State," that sank in 1861.
Great Lakes Storm of 1913
WWAY (12/9)
The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 explained by meteorologist Jerry Jackson.
Rare 'Winter Waterspouts' dance over Lake Superior
Minnesota Public Radio (12/9)
Rare "winter waterspouts," or tornadoes, formed out over Lake Superior on Dec. 7. Winter waterspouts occur when a bitter arctic air mass passes over relatively warm lake water, with just enough light, low level wind.
Massive laker makes its first stop in Hamilton
The Hamilton Spectator (12/6)
The Algoma Equinox, the first in Algoma Central Corporation's new class of laker, made its first appearance in Hamilton, Ont., to unload its first official cargo.
The Welland Canal
Rick Mercer Report (12/4)
Board the CSL Whitefish Bay, a freighter bound for the Welland Canal, to take a trip from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie and learn about the St. Lawrence Seaway.
OWLeS weather research project launches
WROC-TV - Rochester, NY (12/4)
OWLeS (Ontario Winter Lake Effect Systems) is a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation that will be studying how lake effect snow bands develop, travel, and impact areas around Lake Ontario.
Researchers collect Great Lakes data in Lake Ontario
New York Sea Grant (12/3)
Researchers collect data from Lake Ontario algae to see how the Great Lakes nearshore zones can be improved, and to try and maintain clean water.
Senators from Great Lakes states urge comprehensive Asian Carp plan
WTVG-TV - Toledo, OH (12/2)
Senators from the Great Lakes states are pushing for a plan to tackle the growing problem of the invasive Asian Carp, a threat to the Great Lakes ecosystem and fishing industry.
Winter surfing on Lake Ontario
WHEC-TV - Rochester, NY (11/28)
When the weather gets rough, these Rochester, N.Y., residents go outside. They suit up, gear up and head into the elements to catch the ideal wave on Lake Ontario.
Port of Cleveland seals deal to bring container shipping to the Great Lakes
The Plain Dealer (11/21)
The board of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority today approved an agreement with a Dutch shipping giant that will commence an era of cargo runs between Cleveland and northern Europe.

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