Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan

X. Communications Protocol

    Incoming and Outgoing Telephone Conversation Logs (PDF)
  1. The primary means of communication among responding agencies will be through telephones. In the event primary communications fail, secondary communications will be radios distributed through the Incident Command Posts to the appropriate individuals. All communications will be in plain English. If responding agencies have incompatible or inoperable equipment, communications will be relayed among the incident command posts, EOCs and Waterborne Command Post (WCP).
  2. Upon plan activation, the Scott County EMA (SCEMA) and the Rock Island County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (RICO ESDA) will procure cellular phones from an area vendor for the appropriate responding agencies.
  3. Upon arrival, responding agencies shall contact either the SCEMA (319-326-8663) or RICO ESDA (309-799-5166) to report the names of their participants and their phone numbers or, if necessary, to obtain communications equipment.
  4. SCEMA and RICO ESDA will coordinate preparation of a communications phone book of the active responders. The names and numbers of responders and their agencies will be updated as needed.
  5. The Scott and Rock Island Command Post Incident Commanders and the Waterborne Operations Commander (WOC) will each identify two dispatchers to handle phone traffic. One individual will accept and log incoming calls, while the other will be responsible for making outgoing calls and logging those. The Incident Commanders and the WOC will ensure that Scott County EMA and RICO ESDA are aware of the incoming phone numbers for their publication.
  6. Distribution of the disaster phone books in Scott and Rock Island counties will be coordinated through the Incident Command Posts.
  7. Conference call arrangements will be made by either the Scott or Rock Island County EOC. The EOC making the arrangements will provide conference call participants with the appropriate phone numbers.
  8. Any equipment problems will be reported to the appropriate EOC for resolution.
  9. The liaison officer for each Command Post and the WCP and a representative of each EOC shall establish a schedule for conference calls to ensure that all five groups are aware of the most recent developments.
  10. Press releases and public advisories will be reviewed and approved by both command posts, both EOCs and the WCP before release.

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