Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan

XII. Disposal Regulations

The following matrix will give an overview of materials disposal requirements for Iowa and Illinois:
  Iowa Illinois
Non-Hazardous Debris and Soil Must go to permitted Sanitary Landfill
Ia DNR prior approval required
Clean debris and soil to a permitted Sanitary Landfill
Debris and soil above clean-up objectives must go to special waste landfill (permits), manifesting and licensed waste hauler required
Permits expedited through IEPA Emergency Response
RCRA Hazardous Debris and Soil Iowa does not have a RCRA program; consult Region 7 EPA
No RCRA disposal facilities in Iowa
Illinois has 1 RCRA landfill, several incinerators and other RCRA treatment facilities
Permits expedited through IEPA Emergency Response
Open Burning Generally prohibited
Variance possible through Ia DNR
Allowed with IEPA permission for oil production spill residues when weather threatens environmental damage
Considerations are proximity to residences, visibility on roads, and atmospheric dispersion conditions
List of Emergency Response Contractors Available from Ia DNR Available from IEPA
Petroleum-Contaminated Water Can discharge to storm or sanitary sewer if below allowable levels with approval from Ia DNR or city officials NPDES permit required for all direct discharges, including storm sewers; local approval required for discharge to sanitary sewer
Land Farming Allowed if Ia DNR criteria followed Possible, but demonstration permit may be required; significant containment and monitoring required
Pesticides and Fertilizers Recovered liquids and solids may be applied to agricultural land at normal rates with Ia DNR approval Recovered liquids and solids may be applied to ag. land at label application rates; permit needed from IEPA or Illinois Department of Agriculture
Petroleum-Contaminated Soils Excavated soil may be incinerated at an approved incinerator, land-applied at permitted sanitary landfill, or land farmed on property with the approval of the owner as long as Ia DNR criteria are followed Generic permits available at some landfills (see debris and soil and land-farming discussions).

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