Environmental Protection Agency

Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan

Development of the Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan--first published in 1998--and continued updating are a collaborative effort of four federal agencies, two states, two emergency management agencies, and local response agencies. The sub-area plan developed by the Quad Cities Sub-area Committee is not intended to supplant any local, state, regional or national response or contingency plans. The plan, however, may be most effective if reviewed in conjunction with the Region 5 Regional Contingency Plan/Area Contingency Plan and the Region 7 Regional Integrated Contingency Plan. It was designed as a tool and source of information for first responders facing the unique physical conditions existing along the Mississippi River while working within the various governmental jurisdictions in Scott County, Iowa, and Rock Island County, Illinois.

Those who created this sub-area plan intend to update the plan on an annual basis to ensure that those who use it have the most current data. More frequent revisions could be undertaken, if developments warrant. Should users or reviewers of this document discover errors or outdated information or wish to suggest additions, they should complete a copy of the Corrections and Updates Form, Page M-1, which is provided after the appendices to this plan, and send it to the address indicated on that form.