Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan

Appendix L

Quad Cities SACP Site-Specific Safety Plan Cover Sheet (PDF)

Site Safety Plan for Quad Cities Sub-Area Contingency Plan

General Instructions:

  1. The site-specific safety plan is required of private employers of hazardous waste operations workers under the authority of 29 CFR 1910.120. The same requirement for governmental workers is found under the authority of 40 CFR 311. Both regulatory documents specify that eleven categories must be contained in a site-specific safety plan. Each category of the plan must help identify, evaluate, and control, safety and health hazards, and provide for emergency response for hazardous waste operations. This includes organizational structure, personnel training, engineering methods, standard operating procedures, and equipment that will eliminate or reduce both the chemical and physical hazards associated with assigned tasks to be completed by personnel on site.
  2. The site safety officer representing the lead agency will initially review the site safety plans of the other responding agencies. The site safety officer will determine whether each site safety plan (SSP) meets all of the legal components as listed on QC Check-list, Page L-5. An "NA" shall be placed in the box if not applicable.
  3. A copy of the attachments listed with an "*" on QC Cover Sheet, Page L-1, will be attached to each agency plan.
  4. All personnel of responding agencies will be documented on the QC Personnel Accountability Sheet, Pages L-3 & L-4.. One copy will be attached to each agency's safety plan and one copy should be forwarded to the IC or the command group assigned to planning/documentation.
  5. General information should be shared with each responding agency as to the following, as conditions dictate:
    1. SSP briefing identifying the nature of physical and chemical hazards that the responding agency will be confronting.
    2. SSP briefing on the tasks to be completed.
    3. SSP briefing on the site emergency plan.
    4. SSP briefing on work zones and supervisor on site.

  6. The responding agency shall be given an identity within the command structure and told who it shall report to, if that is not pre-determined.
  7. When the responding agency departs from the emergency scene, that shall be documented by the proper command function (staging or planning).

Personnel Accountability Sheet (PDF)
One copy should be completed by each organization and returned to the IC through the site-safety officer before personnel enter the work area) this form documents the presence of all personnel and their organizational affiliation. This provides the IC with an accurate accounting of everyone onsite for planning and safety purposes.

Checklist for Site Specific Safety Plan (PDF)
This checklist provides the site safety officer (SSO) with a document indicating that all legal requirements for each organization's site-specific safety plan have been identified and met. The SSO should keep a copy of this form for documentation.

Quad Cities SACP Emergency Response Procedures (PDF)
This section documents the site-specific emergency procedures to be communicated to each organization during an incident. This section may change as the incident develops or changes.

Safety Briefing Record Log (PDF)

Corrections and Update Form (PDF)
Corrections, updates or suggested additions to the Quad Cities Sub-area Contingency Plan should be provided to the EPA Region 7 Emergency Response and Removals (ER&R) program. Because the OSC responsible for this specific plan will change with the passage of time, changes should be addressed to the address indicated below. If there are questions, the name of the current OSC for the Quad Cities sub-area can be obtained from the Chief of the ER&R program: (913) 551-7952.

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