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TEACH Calendar of Events
What's going on in your neighborhood this month? Meet other people and learn together at recreational and educational events! Our new dynamic calendar is updated daily with current educational events.
TEACH Calendar

Upcoming Events

January 21, 2017
Winter Stonefly Search
Ann Arbor, MI
Come join a group of volunteers and experts to search for stoneflies! You will be guided through a stretch of stream or river in search of these little guys. Experienced researchers will educate you on how we determine the health of the stream or river you are visiting. Stoneflies live only in good quality streams and rivers, so this will help tell us about the problems in the water. . Adults and children welcome, but each child must be accompanied by an adult. The event is about 4 hours long and approximately half of that is spent indoors.
Contact: Jason Frenzel
Phone: 734-769-5123
E-mail: jfrenzel@hrwc.org

January 28, 2017
Great Lakes Fisheries Educational Session
Traverse City, MI
A Great Lakes Fisheries Educational Session will be held during the Michigan Fish Producers Association Annual Conference. There is no registration fee. Topics will range from lake levels to cisco restoration, local seafood suppliers, cormorant management, and more.
Contact: Ron Kinnunen
Phone: (906) 226-3687
E-mail: kinnune1@msu.edu

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