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TEACH Calendar of Events
What's going on in your neighborhood this month? Meet other people and learn together at recreational and educational events! Our new dynamic calendar is updated daily with current educational events.
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Upcoming Events

January 15-16, 2016
2016 Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems Conference
East Lansing, MI
The Stewardship Network presents informative talks and workshops that will focus on the "Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems." Join for a great line up of presentations; connect with natural areas professionals, volunteers, and researchers with decades of experience as well as students and newcomers to the field.
E-mail: staff@stewardshipnetwork.org

March 6, 2016
Asian Carp Innovative Solutions Competition
Toronto, ON
The Asian Carp Canada Innovative Solutions Competition is a platform for university and college students to network and showcase their original ideas for designs and technologies which could be used in the prevention, control and/or elimination of Asian carps in the Great Lakes basin. Students are asked to develop and present ideas to professional and academic experts who will assess them based on various real-world criteria. The registration and proposal submission deadline is December 11, 2015.
Contact: Kristine Pinkney
Phone: 705-541-5778
E-mail: kpinkney@invasivespeciescentre.ca

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