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Lake Superior State celebrating 30 years of salmon releases
The Associated Press (5/29)
In Michigan, the Aquatic Research Laboratory at Lake Superior State University is celebrating three decades of raising and releasing Atlantic salmon in the St. Marys River.

University of Windsor invasive species research centre closes
CBC News (5/27)
The Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species, based at the University of Windsor, is closing because it's run out of federal funding.

Stockbridge HS invention to monitor Great Lakes pest
Lansing State Journal (5/27)
In Michigan, a team of Stockbridge High School students has spent the past year designing an underwater camera to keep tabs on the state’s fight against invasive sea lampreys. Next week their invention will get its first real test.

'Once in a lifetime ' experience: Lighthouse keeper on Lake Superior
CBC News (5/19)
A group is hiring two students to serve as lighthouse keepers this summer on Porphyry Island, about 40 kilometers east of Thunder Bay, Ont.

Superior students set sail for hands-on learning about St. Louis River, Lake Superior
Wisconsin Public Radio (5/16)
Close to 1,500 students from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin set sail for a day on St. Louis River to learn about the Great Lakes, as part of the week-long St. Louis River Quest.

Tree group aims to ‘ReLeaf’ Michigan
WKAR - East Lansing, MI (5/10)
An Ann Arbor-based organization has been planting trees all over Michigan since 1988. ReLeaf Michigan helps property owners learn about trees and how to plant them, citing their numerous benefits.

TEACH Calendar of Events
What's going on in your neighborhood this month? Meet other people and learn together at recreational and educational events! Our new dynamic calendar is updated daily with current educational events.
TEACH Calendar

Upcoming Events

June 12 - July 2, 2016
UNOLS Great Lakes Chief Scientist Training Cruises
Duluth, MN and Milwaukee, WI
New to planning shipboard field work? Wondering how to request research vessel time or equipment? Need samples or data for a research project? If so, take part in the 2016 UNOLS Great Lakes Chief Scientist Training Cruises. These cruises and workshops will instruct early-career marine scientists on how to effectively utilize time at sea for research and education.
Contact: Doug Ricketts
Phone: (218) 726-7826
E-mail: ricketts@d.umn.edu

June 18, 2016
Classic Boat Show and Small Craft Festival
South Haven, MI
The 35th annual boat show at the Michigan Maritime Museum will be held afloat and on shore in conjunction with South Haven's HarborFest. Classic and traditional small craft will be featured throughout the day as well as toy boat building for kids. The US Coast Guard Motor Life Boat (USCG 36460 MLB) - used in the Disney film, The Finest Hours - has been added to the Museum's on-the-water exhibits.
Contact: Sandy Bryson
Phone: 517-351-5976
E-mail: sbryson@msu.edu

January 21, 2017
Winter Stonefly Search
Ann Arbor, MI
Come join a group of volunteers and experts to search for stoneflies! You will be guided through a stretch of stream or river in search of these little guys. Experienced researchers will educate you on how we determine the health of the stream or river you are visiting. Stoneflies live only in good quality streams and rivers, so this will help tell us about the problems in the water. . Adults and children welcome, but each child must be accompanied by an adult. The event is about 4 hours long and approximately half of that is spent indoors.
Contact: Jason Frenzel
Phone: 734-769-5123
E-mail: jfrenzel@hrwc.org

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