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Great Lakes Fish and Fishing

6 | State/provincial fishing laws, consumption advisories

Let's go fishing...A double catch. Click for larger image.
GLIN Hunting and Fishing in the Great Lakes Region

Keeping safe...pollution and consumption advisories
Various forms of pollution, including toxins in the water, directly impact fish or are ingested with their food.

In 1971, the first sport fish advisory was issued in the Great Lakes for people consuming fish caught from the lakes. These advisories, issued by state and provincial governments, recommended that consumption of certain species, and sizes, of fish should be limited or avoided because of toxic chemicals present in the fish. Advisories are now issued on a regular basis to limit exposure and protect human health.

Because of current scientific uncertainty about how dangerous some pollution is to humans, the Great Lakes states and province of Ontario often vary in the advice they provide. However, in all cases, following the advisories will reduce the exposure to any possible contaminants.

People who consume large quantities of sport-caught fish should pay close attention to these warnings. The guidelines are strictest for women of child-bearing age, pregnant women and pre-teen children. Fish provide important nutrition to people and, while following advisories can reduce exposure, fish can also be prepared and cooked in certain ways that reduce or eliminate a large proportion of certain contaminants.

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Photo: A Wisconsin angler displays his double catch, courtesy Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council.

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