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TEACH: Native Peoples of the Region

9 | A photo essay: Powdering fish using traditional Native methods

This essay and photos are provided courtesy of Jennifer Dale, Bay Mills Indian Community in Brimley, Mich.

Pat and Rebecca Shewaybick and translator Roy Spence from Webikwe, Ontario, visited the Bay Mills Indian Community Gnoozhekaaning Cultural Center June 21-22, 2000. Webikwe is a small northern Ontario community of about 600 Anishnabeg who still follow the old ways. The Shewaybicks and their children often spend weeks in the woods hunting and gathering. They visited Bay Mills, on the Lake Superior shoreline about 20 miles west of the Soo Locks, to show the community there how to powder fish so it can be preserved without refrigeration. Whitefish provided by a tribal fisher was used for the lesson.

The Shewaybick family also shared their traditional philosophy of life. According to Roy, it's up to them to look after each other and the land, and in this way they can preserve their way of life. Roy, a Webikwe council member, works hard to educate the Ontario government leaders about the Anishnabeg culture.

Powdering fish using traditional Native methods

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