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Urban Sprawl in the Great Lakes

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Farmland under development. Click for larger image.Our communities will grow, and change is unstoppable. But we can either let growth proceed haphazardly, or we can plan for growth and move toward communities that are efficient, environment-friendly, and pleasant to live in or visit. This election year, citizens and politicians will start voicing their opinions on important issues, and sprawl is likely to be at the top of many peoples' list. Visit some of the following web sites and find out how you can make a difference.

Great Lakes Sustainable Land Use
Provides current news stories and links to helpful information on brownfields, greenfields, smart growth and planning. Also contains a library with more information resources.

American Farmland Trust
AFT works to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

Michigan Land Use Institute
Dedicated to fostering the Michigan economy in a way that protects land and communities.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Promotes sustainable use of land and natural resources, protection of watersheds, and innovative solutions to longstanding problems.

Sierra Club Sprawl Solutions
Provides reports on sprawl and information on how you can help your community.

Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse
State-by-state information on developed lands, land-use laws, and population as well as smart growth.

Sustainable Minnesota Sprawl Resources
Provides reports and information concerning sprawl-related issues in Minnesota.

Friends chapters in the Great Lakes Region
1000 Friends of Minnesota
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
1000 Friends of Wisconsin

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Graphic: Farmland under development. Copyright Michigan Land Use Institute, photography by Patrick Owen

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