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Lake Erie…build a fish to scale! free sample lesson
Grade level: K-4Date: 1991 Program cost: $5.00
Subjects: art, math, music, science
Publisher: Ohio Sea Grant Publications
Correlated to education standards? Yes
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Table of Contents

The second in a three unit series on Lake Erie, focusing on fish parts, basic classification, and identification.

This 101-page booklet is the second unit in a three unit series about Lake Erie for children in elementary school. Fairly simple, interdisciplinary activities are linked to basic facts about the Lake and fish. This unit focuses on fish parts, basic classification, and identification. In the activities of this unit, children learn the parts of a fish; assemble a model fish; build a fish to scale using puzzle parts; classify fish according to tails, fins, body shapes, markings, and spines; name ways animals can protect themselves; become familiar with fish-related vocabulary words; and name different types of fish. The booklet includes background information for teachers and accompanying worksheets. Activities include fish parts card games, fish characteristics bingo, dot-to-dot activities, art activities, fish printing, crossword puzzles, and matching activities. The booklet also contains a list of 23 suggestions for related art activities; a list of 46 books on ships and boats, Ohio, rivers, fish, food, animals, water pollution, erosion, and ecology; a list of 62 songs about bodies of water, fish, fishing, pollution, ships, and sailing; a list of 10 records; and a poster for a bulletin board.

Issue 1: HabitatKey Characteristic 1: Accuracy
Issue 2: PollutionKey Characteristic 2: Depth
Issue 3: Invasives - Key Characteristic 3: Skills
Issue 4: Ecosystem - Key Characteristic 4: Action -
Issue 5: Biodiversity - Key Characteristic 5: Soundness
Issue 6: Build FisheriesKey Characteristic 6: Usability
Issue 7: Treaty Rights -
Assessment of Coverage:
- none or N/A
moderately good
Issue 8: Manage Fisheries -
Issue 9: Stewardship -
Issue 10: Fishing -
Issue 11: Careers -

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