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Inland Seas Education Association (Schoolship) free sample lesson
Grade level: 5-12Date: 2005 Program cost: $5.00
Subjects: history, math, music, science, social studies, environmental studies, geography
Publisher: Inland Seas Education Association
Correlated to education standards? Yes
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This half-day schoolship experience is supplemented by pre- and post-trip activities in the classroom. It is a hands-on, multi-disciplinary program organized by learning stations linked to important Great Lakes concepts.

The Inland Seas Education Program (ISEA), located in the Grand Traverse Bay region of northern Michigan, is based on a half-day schoolship experience that is supplemented by pre- and post-schoolship activities in the classroom. On the Schoolship, trained staff engage students and their classroom teachers in a hands-on, multi-disciplinary program organized by learning stations. Concepts related to the Great Lakes are covered, including the food web, watersheds, and invasive species. Various subject areas are covered at each station: math and geography (navigation station), chemistry (water chemistry station), biology, geology, and earth science (sediments-benthos station), biology (plankton and fish stations), and physics and history (seamanship station). The activities are organized as follows: Navigation, Water Chemistry, Weather, Seamanship, Large Group Sampling, Sediments/Benthos, Plankton, and Fish. ISEA's educational objectives are correlated to some of the science objectives of the Michigan Essential Goals and Objectives for Science Education (K-12). Some relevant social studies benchmarks are also included. Sixteen pre- and post-trip activities, four added in 2005, are provided in the teacher's guide to help students prepare for some of the activities on the Schoolship and to reinforce concepts addressed on board. Also added is a section on Great Lakes Stewardship and involvement , and a Stewardship Challenge checklist, which have an action orientation. ISEA also provides a web site where schools can familiarize themselves with the ship through a Schoolship Sail Training Manual, input photos of their trip, learn about Great Lakes careers and pursue links to related web sites and activities.

Issue 1: HabitatKey Characteristic 1: Accuracy
Issue 2: PollutionKey Characteristic 2: Depth
Issue 3: InvasivesKey Characteristic 3: Skills
Issue 4: EcosystemKey Characteristic 4: Action
Issue 5: Biodiversity - Key Characteristic 5: Soundness
Issue 6: Build FisheriesKey Characteristic 6: Usability
Issue 7: Treaty Rights -
Assessment of Coverage:
- none or N/A
moderately good
Issue 8: Manage Fisheries -
Issue 9: Stewardship
Issue 10: Fishing -
Issue 11: Careers -

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