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LAKERS Observe Coastweeks free sample lesson
Grade level: 6-8Date: 1997 Program cost: Free
Subjects: environmental science
Publisher: Ohio Sea Grant College Program
Correlated to education standards? Yes
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An active, discovery-based program, part new, part obtained from a number of other Ohio Sea Grant materials, which is designed to link middle school students with Coastweeks, an international beach clean-up program held in the early Fall.

LOC is a set of materials that combines new materials with individual activities from a number of other Ohio Sea Grant programs. All of the activities are designed to link middle school students with Coastweeks, an international program held in early fall. Over a three-week period, volunteers can undertake a number of projects related to water conservation, environmental awareness, and, in particular, beach clean-ups. Dating from the mid-80’s, these clean-ups have rid our shores of millions of kilograms of litter around the world. In addition, data collected from the clean-ups and sent to The Ocean Conservancy for analysis have made us aware of the specific types and sources of solid beach waste.

Through a series of classroom and outdoor hands-on activities, students discover ways in which humans use the lakes, benefit from them, and in turn affect the environment in and along Lake Erie. Content includes lessons on general lake and shore use, estuary wetlands, marine shipping, invasive species, the origins and impacts of beach debris, shore processes (glaciation, erosion, currents, lake levels and weather) and shoreline cleanup, including data and data forms. Students hit the beach aware, informed and motivated instead of looking for a day off. Designed for Lake Erie, LOC is adaptable, with some effort, to other Great Lakes locations.

Issue 1: HabitatKey Characteristic 1: Accuracy
Issue 2: PollutionKey Characteristic 2: Depth
Issue 3: InvasivesKey Characteristic 3: Skills
Issue 4: EcosystemKey Characteristic 4: Action
Issue 5: BiodiversityKey Characteristic 5: Soundness
Issue 6: Build FisheriesKey Characteristic 6: Usability
Issue 7: Treaty Rights -
Assessment of Coverage:
- none or N/A
moderately good
Issue 8: Manage Fisheries
Issue 9: Stewardship
Issue 10: Fishing
Issue 11: Careers -

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